Theerat & Donruthai Akkararatpornkul

Circle of Excellence I
4-year Presidential Director


"Begin with the end in mind."


We joined Nu Skin since 25 Dec 2015. We know that this business is a business that will help us change our lives. So, every year in the Nu Skin business we set goals all the time. We have a commitment to every goals. While also working hard and continuously to conquer it regardless of what obstacles are waiting for us ahead. We are the norms of the team. Our speed is equal to team speed.


1st year 2016, we achieved new Executive Brand director and jumpstart@20


2nd year 2017, we achieved new PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR(TE) and BDM challenge winner 100+


3rd year 2018, we achieved 4-star Team Elite Platinum and 2 years Presidential Director


4th year 2019, we achieved 1-star Team Elite platinum and 3 years Presidential Director


In June 2020, we achieved 4 years Presidential director and New COE I


And speed bring success