Nutprapat Rueangphakdee

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I always dream to help others to have a better life, so the society will have more happiness and peace. However, I really thought it could be just a dream since that time I was just an ordinary person, a normal housewife whom didn’t even have my own money. Therefore, I had to keep telling myself that I am only a dreamer.


I first started the business because I was so impress by Nu Skin products and then I was told about its opportunity and that made me realized that it could fulfill my dream. Hence, I told myself that it’s worth doing it and I decided to do the business with all my trust immediately.


After I decided to do Nu Skin for 7 months, I have to say that what I get is a lot more than I expected. What I have really got are income, trips, bonus and recognition as well as admiration from others.  However, the most important things are chances that I can develop myself to become a new person and reach my dream lastly.

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