Kwanchan Pansue & Phakasem Chatakham

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Being a Blue Diamond is gratifying because we were recognized by company that we get advancement in this profession. No limit income which can make our family get more freedom, this title also gives a opportunity to know the relationship with the bloods of brothers and sisters who come together to do business with us. We also can send them a success. Thank you Nu Skin for this good experience and color our lives.
Blue Diamond is not too far for everyone, this title is Executive with 12 friends who do business with us. So it’s not hard for general people to reach this point. Just have a dream and not left it. When you reach it you’ll know life is beautiful.
How to be successful:
Wish other to be happy and share happiness to others.
Wish other of his misery and help them to find way out.
Pleasure when others are happy, no envy.
Neutral, some people might not understand because they have difference point of view.

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