Kanyarat Wetchasart & Warut Kruethongdee

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Nu Skin is the right vehicle to take us to our successes, because Nu Skin is a world renowned company and can grant time and financial freedom at the same time.

Blue Diamond is another reminder that what we have done is done at the right place and the right time. We only need to work hard continuously and this can make you become a Blue Diamond. We believe that everything has obstacles which constantly test you, but if you want to succeed we have to understand the nature of problems. Big dreams always come with big obstacles, but we can choose to focus on the success or the obstacles, and if we choose to focus the success, one day, you will succeed.

Success Formula
We have a big goal, which is not only our success but the success of our team, because their success is also our success.
We have to believe in the company to take us to our freedom. We believe in everything with Nu Skin. Some people have asked us, “What business would you look for if Nu Skin is unsuccessful.” We only answered, “We never have that thought, we will make ourselves successful.”
We don’t want to be ‘No Action, Talk Only’, everything we say is our promise to our goals, our dreams, our teams. We do not do this for ourselves, but for our teams, and to show that Nu Skin can provide the freedom you want.
We believe that success will not happen if we do not decide. When we have been given the greatest opportunity in our lives, we made the decision to succeed no matter what. Problems and obstacles will not destroy our dreams and goals.
We believe that our hard work will eventually give us our freedom and this will also show your downlines that success is not out of reach when you work hard.

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