Warutchaya Kornthanavanich & Ratsarin Preechathanasombat

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    Decision is the first step in business, but with Nu Skin, we walk with a purpose to achieve our dreams. Nu Skin is a part of my life, everything I did, I did more with Nu Skin, and every feeling was multiplied. Blue Diamond was a crystal clear decision, and I am proud to have got this far. It is extremely important that you give yourself a chance, and it does not matter if you ever did it or not, you only need to open up, and at the very least, try.


    Blue Diamond is practice after practice, and put in actions according to plan. Today, I enjoy doing Nu Skin and bringing the best to people around me. There is no before or after in Nu Skin as people who come later can still succeed and sometimes have more success than people who started first too!!

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