Pornlert Luksanacheth

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Why Nu Skin?
Have you ever asked yourself where have your dreams gone? Children have dreams, but when they grow up, where those dreams went? Is it because somebody stop you from having it comes true, or are you stopping yourself?
Nu Skin is a great opportunity to make those dreams come true. We have the vehicle to get there, whether it is financial freedom, more time, good health, good community, etc. A lot of people will get to their dreams.
“The difference between people who failed and succeed is that one is always looking for an opportunity, and the one who wait for the opportunity. People who failed may never had any good opportunity, or they just let good opportunities pass.”
Motivation in Nu Skin
The motivation was from the promise we made to ourselves that we will do everything we can to have the financial freedom and time. We have looked and never found one, until we found Nu Skin, we knew Nu Skin is the answer. From then, we have worked very hard, and when we get to this point, we realized that it was not as hard as we thought because we have the complete integration support from Nu Skin and uplines. We use the system 100% because 99% is not good enough, we want to achieve 100% of our goals, so we have to use 100% of support we have.

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