JVi + R2 ADR kit

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JVi + R² ADR kit

JVi is an exclusive blend of fruits and vegetables made of nine commonly consumed European fruits (carrot, white and red grapes, apple, pear, tomato, watermelon, mango and olive oil) and three unique fruits (wolfberry, sea buckthorn and acerola). This orange colored beverage is rich in vitamin C and contains carotenoids, naturally present in the fruits and vegetables mentioned above.

As we age and due external factors our bodies’ ability to effectively generate and utilize energy declines, which may impact our vitality. Taken in the evening, R² Night helps you to start each day feeling refreshed. Taken in the morning, R² Day helps you to feel recharged and take control of a new day.

For the net weight of each individual Pharmanex product, please consult the single unit webshop pages.

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