Sasithorn Kumlap

Sasithorn Kumlap

I hope that by sharing my story I can inspire others to take advantage of the amazing business opportunity Nu Skin offers. My name is Sasithorn Kumlap, I have always been a woman with dreams and goals. I am originally from Thailand, but now I live in Norway. I was born into a warm and loving family. My father was the head of a primary school, my mother was a housewife who looked after me and my two brothers. My family always helped people who had less than us; food, clothing, knowledge were shared with others in the village, and we expected nothing in return. Almost everyone in the village was poor and uneducated, but unlike them, I got the chance to study.


I got a degree in Accounting and Economics and worked for the department of Urban Transportation in Udon Thani province for 10 years. One day, I was advised to get to know the man that is now my husband, and then I decided to move to Norway. I have lived here for six years and have a three year old daughter.

In Norway, I worked as a housekeeper for a year, but quit when I became pregnant. When my daughter was one year and nine months old, she started kindergarten, and I started looking for a new job. This job would begin from early morning and last until late afternoon, which was difficult to combine with being a mother of a small child. I kept looking for a new job, but without success, probably because I spoke very little English.


But one day I was so lucky to meet an old friend whom I had not seen in years. Her face looked more youthful than what I remembered. She recommended that I try Nu Skin products, so I did. The products helped removed impurities from my skin, I also tried the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System, which I adore.

I started my business with Nu Skin in October 2013. Not only did my face looked better, in a short time I went from being a shy person who did not dare to meet new people, to becoming someone who is much more confident. I started selling Nu Skin products to people close to me, and I never thought that it would result in so much income. It is all about youthfulness and improving health. My husband and I tried R², which made us feel vibrant and more dynamic.


When I first told my husband in Norway and also my family in Thailand that I wanted to start a Nu Skin business, everyone said that the multilevel marketing industry is hard, and many thought I was not going to make it. But I went out to meet strangers and told everyone I met about the business opportunity. I have great confidence in Nu Skin and the products, and I work from my heart. I recommend everyone to take care of every customer by providing advice and support. The result impressed my family and friends, and they now help to guide clients in my direction.


After my hard work, I was rewarded a free trip for the whole family from Nu Skin. We went on the Ruby Trip to the USA in August 2014 and it felt like a miracle. I feel, however, that I deserved it, for I have changed a lot in this process. I have learned from others that I am a true friend, someone you can talk to in confidence. I have received messages from uplines thanking me and saying that they appreciated my hard work and results. I have better health, I am financially better and I have fantastic support from my family. It gives me a tremendous amount of joy.

Working hard is the key, and I am not afraid. If this fails, it will affect my upline and downlines as well. I am so lucky that I have a good upline, one that works as a support system for me, a good role model I aspire to be. I am fortunate to have an upline who is keen and committed; this gives me a lot of mental strength to get out and help more people. My life has changed for the better, and it makes me want to give something back. My dream is to be a role model for others. I am just an ordinary girl, but I have faith. You must have good intentions and act consistently and uncompromisingly, but with much love and trust. By learning from others and seeing them as role models, dreams can come true.


My ultimate goal is that my family and I can create an education fund to help the less fortunate and enable them to live a better life. I will share my Nu Skin earnings to establish this project. Finally I want to thank Nu Skin, for giving me a chance to achieve this dream. I have learned a lot. Most importantly, this has made me realise my potential. I'm not a hero; I just keep doing what I do. You can also do it.


After two months I became an Executive, after four months Ruby, Emerald after five months and Diamond after six months. I set goals and work to achieve success. In just one year, I have built a business. There are many more steps forward, but I don’t walk them alone, I have uplines and downlines, my husband and my daughter that are walking along with me. They support me every step of the way!

I will never stop developing myself, and I will build an even stronger team. Thank you, Nu Skin.