Csányi Judit

Csányi Judit


My success story is a simple story that can definitely happen to everyone who takes the time to understand the Nu Skin Opportunity and for those that know and are able to focus on their goals in life.


I spent my childhood in Japan, which was a culturally rich experience. To live in a multicultural surrounding has helped build a solid foundation for my life. I returned to Hungary to finish college in Foreign Trade and started my career in finance as a banker. It was a new industry at the time. After 10 years of hard work and dedication, I reached management positions in many companies. What I was missing was creativity, so I decided to switch to marketing with an agency of my own.


I loved the freedom and the challenge of owning a private business. However, my business suffered from cash-flow problems as income was not consistent and the spending costs were high. Although I became an expert in licensing and merchandising in the region, I travelled a lot, I felt successful and happy, my only concern was that I had no time for my private life and had no stable cash flow.


I came across Nu Skin in October 2008 through my childhood friend. After my first Business Opportunity Meeting I felt that Nu Skin was for me – an exciting new opportunity. I took one year to become a Ruby Executive. It was an exciting time where I clearly understood the vision of Nu Skin.


I took my mother along to the Ruby Trip which was a life changing experience. Six months later, I became an Emerald and was very happy about it but then it took a long time to reach the next level. I could not reach Diamond earlier because I needed to develop my leadership skills and personal strength.


I made it to all of the US and European conventions in the past five years. I continued to work hard which is a must for success. When Nu Skin introduced the Limited Time Offer (LTO) concept, I felt that it was the right time to start travelling and find strong new leaders for my Diamond qualification. The year 2013 for me was all about integrity, change, getting out of my comfort zone, travelling and meeting new people. I changed my daily routine, the way I eat, and started doing sports. I started to re-learn languages and spent time with the right people. All these had brought change into my organisation as well and I love the power of duplication.


I finished my Diamond qualification in October 2013 with the TR90 LTO. I also helped two of my front line Executives become Ruby in the same month. I won my battle with myself which makes me stronger and I can help others to overcome their problems too.


I am very grateful for this opportunity, for such a partnership with a world leading company, with such role models around me from Corporate and from the Distributors side. I’ve worked in Customer Service before so I know what it’s like to receive a quality service. I feel that I am at the right place with Nu Skin.


I am appreciative of my upline who gave me a chance with Nu Skin. Who also gave me time to mature for this special pin title. I love working with everyone for all these years.


My target for 2014 is to have a strong Blue Diamond business and multiplying the numbers of Rubies in my organisation. There is a huge growth in front of us and the future is very bright!


With Nu Skin, I am living my dreams. My cash-flow is more secure than ever before, I am surrounded by quality relationships and I am living an international life. Thank you Nu Skin!!