Berit Viken Engan

Berit Viken Engan


Before I found Nu Skin, or rather, Nu Skin found me, I had just moved back to Norway after living in Australia for a year. I took the year off right out of High School, as I didn’t know what to do with my life at that point. That year of working and travelling really gave me a taste of freedom. I had been raised with a good work ethic, but the thought of working in an office, Monday to Friday, and having a boss for the next 40 years, was really frustrating for me. I wanted to be able to choose, decide for myself, be free, travel, spend time with my family and loved ones - and I thought; there must be an alternative!

Most people around me told me I should stop dreaming, that it was impossible, and that I should either look for a “real” job or start studying. Then Nu Skin appeared. In the beginning, I didn’t understand anything about the business. But as I saw the compensation plan my initial thoughts were: Nobody has ever offered me this deal; time and money, as well as the opportunity to help others succeed. I was sceptical at first, but I had a good gut feeling, and something told me that this could be the solution I was looking for - so, despite the fact that I did not know what to do in this business, or how to succeed, I started; with a dream of being able to quit my job, make a living from my own business, and be free from the Monday to Friday routine.

Of course, there have been challenges along the way. I was very young when I started and I had next to no experience in running a business - but I had a dream. I started with a positive attitude and have always been stubborn, so I made myself a promise; as I had made the decision to start, I also decided not to quit, regardless of what happened. I wrote this down and have reminded myself of this constantly.

What’s more, I entered this business with a willingness to learn. I was told in the beginning that if success was important to me, I would need to create a list of goals, my dream board and attend all events and meetings. That’s something I’ve done from day one, even before I realised why it was so important.

Early on, I set myself the goal to become Ruby Executive – I was so excited and was sure I could make it happen fast, so, I quickly quit the job I had at the time. But, as often happens, things did not go as planned, and I had to go back to it. Not long after, I noticed growth in my organisation once again, and as I truly believed I would make it this time, I quit my job once more. I was disappointed when history repeated itself, and I was forced to find another.

After this I took some time to reflect on what I was doing wrong. It was never an issue with the business itself, with the products, nor with the team - it was me. I was not ready, and I did not have the mindset or commitment that I now know is required to succeed in this business. I was mostly focused on myself; my success, my sales, my partners, me, me, me. It did not work – this business is all about focusing on others.

In 2014, I quit the last job I’ve had to date, aside from Nu Skin. Again, I made the move from Norway to Australia, as this had always been my number one goal since starting out. This was it, I was doing it; I either had to make this work or go back to Norway once again and find another job. I knew deep down that this was simply not an option this time around. This time, I was going to make it. Slowly but steadily, things started happening. After countless “no’s” and negative feedback from people who did not believe in me or the business, I was finally able to realise what I set out to do. In the end, what really changed things for me was finding my own methods of working through social media. Today, 6.5 years after I was first recognized as Executive, I have been recognized as Blue Diamond / Executive Brand Director. I am so incredibly grateful, and I am so glad I never gave up during the times it felt impossible and unattainable. If I had to do it all over again, I would; it's been worth every single hour of work.

My business began to really show results when I stopped focusing on myself. This is not about me, or you, but the people we talk to and their needs; both customers and partners. It's about putting others before yourself, facilitating, and leading the way with your own actions, so others can learn and copy; that is how we can help others to succeed. Lead by example. It's about working as a team, supporting each other, cheering for each other and believing, both in yourself and those in your team. It's about never giving up. Push through the tough times, because they will come! That's usually when someone gives up, unfortunately. Do not be the one who watches others reach their goals and forgets about their own – keep on going, you owe it to yourself, because it’s after these periods the magic happens. Keep it up! Be willing to leave your comfort zone daily, and, remember to have fun! Never give up on your dreams!

I was given an important tip when I first started out; to write down what kind of person I was then, and what kind of person I wanted to be when I really succeeded. This has helped me keep my values. I want to continue being down to earth, to make others feel good, to spread good energy and be a force for good – essentially to use the opportunity I now have to help others and to give back. I love the values of the company. Every time I hear Sandie talking, I get goosebumps; they match incredibly well with my own. I am endlessly proud to be involved, and to include new people, in a company with such good values. I am grateful to our community and team. It is amazing how this business attracts positive, uplifting and ambitious people. "If what you do is not well meant or come from your heart - do not do it". This has given me so much more than just freedom. It has made me a better person – I take care of myself and others, and it has brought a new family into my life. Thank you, Nu Skin, for this!