Are you still there?


Romana Von Puttkamer


We got to know Nu Skin because of its products. After a while, it felt natural to us to share the enthusiasm of our discovery with friends and family.

Our team has grown over the years and today our lives have changed. It's great to know that we can rely on a state-of-the-art company, that has a strong ethics and that is working for the wellness and prosperity of its people.

What we like most is being able to manage our time and meeting so many new people. Today, we are happy to say that we are really creating our own future.

Economic flexibility and being able to organise our own action plan are what makes us feel in control of our lives: we can trust ourselves and our potential to achieve real goals and results.

Following the advice of our sponsor and of all the people who have achieved success before us, we have overcome the initial uncertainty and adopted the right mindset.

Today, based on our experience and the results achieved, we are ready to encourage those who want to follow this new way of life. With Nu Skin, everybody can become an entrepreneur of his or her own life.

While working with Nu Skin, we have learned that it’s important to schedule our time well and implement targeted actions. We had to train ourselves to focus steadfastly and confidently.

When working with people, we have learned to listen and to enhance everybody's potential. It was very important to learn to trust the group, to listen to new ideas and to rely on everyone's creativity.

Many say that it’s difficult to work with family, but we have been able to involve most of our family members and friends as well as share the opportunity with many other people. Now, it’s very nice to work in teams and to be surrounded by many positive people who have a new view on life. It’s a great source of vitality. Sharing our time with them is really exciting.

Economic flexibility and time to travel and meet new people: these are the changes we wanted in our lives. But today, our long-term goal is to spread prosperity, wellbeing and happiness. With Nu Skin, we can make this happen.