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Tiphaine Zakine

Tiphaine Zakine


I spent 15 years in Paris for professional reasons, but since the birth of my children I dreamed of going back to the province to enjoy a better quality of life. After getting divorced 2 and a half years ago, I now live in the South of France where I enjoy the quality of life and the very pleasant climate every day. All of this is thanks to my "portable" Nu Skin business that I’ve been developing for a little more than 2 years now.


When I started 5 years ago, I was first seduced by the products. In my profession as an Image Coach and Trainer, two activities that I did for 10 years, I would constantly recommend quality products and services to my customers. At first, Nu Skin was there to complement my company’s turnover, but little by little, meeting after meeting, event after event, my team began to form and develop. Each of them wanted to use quality products, just like me. Considering the results both inside, in terms of well-being and vitality, and outside, they spontaneously recommended them to their entourage. It’s this joy and pleasure in sharing that allowed me to attract partners who are just like me.


In January 2016, I decided to separate from the father of my children even though the income that I was earning with Nu Skin didn’t allow me to be financially independent at that point. I also chose to move to Marseille, where I had no familiar landmarks nor family unit, but where I could develop my full-time Nu Skin business.


In just a few months, everything was flipped upside down! No more excuses! I was not procrastinating anymore and I was tearing down all my barriers, saying, 'Why not me?’ What difference is there between myself and all these great Leaders who inspired me for 2 years?’

Driven by the vital need to be able to provide for my children financially, I worked countless hours, multiplied my efforts and sought inspiration from the Leaders and the advice of my Upline ... That's how I finally gained my Executive Brand Partner title, then my 1st Success Trip to Cape Town, where I was able to bring one of my sons. Quite quickly, I passed Brand Director, this time bringing my mom on the Success Trip to Puglia. I was so proud to be able to offer her such a beautiful trip! A few months later, I reached Senior Brand Director, which allowed me to bring my brother to Utah. Today, I am an Executive Brand Director and I will be in Laax in few months with my sweetheart ... Imagine how my life has changed in just 3 years! What other professional opportunity would have allowed me to achieve such a transformation: moving away and having time for my children?


For me the role of a Leader is to show the way, to draw the road for their team, to act first and to share their actions with them. Being a leader is about inspiring their group and showing that all of this is possible! It’s their for those who are decisive, those who take action and who refuse to stop until they’ve reached their goal!

If I can do it, everyone can – I’m no different from any of you! I just made my decision one day - have you made yours? If so, do it, without turning back or pulling your team. It's up to everyone to make their own decision. Our partners, like our children, don’t do what we tell them to do, but do what we do ;) 


I recommend that you join with those who are always active. In our team, we regularly implement a 120-day Growth Plan. This allows for acceleration phases and we create smaller groups that share their strategies for success. We also like to propose challenges to grow together, whether personally or professionally. The idea is mainly to bring fun and create a real team dynamic. In the team, we’re spread all over the market and even on other continents. This is also why local, national and international events are essential. They allow us to meet and share moments of celebration, fun, joy, to ink into our brains that "work = pleasure" and create an unbreakable team spirit. This has been, in my opinion, the most important factor for growth and development for my team in recent years.


One thing for sure is that whatever you decide, it can happen through this Business. Even so, you must have a powerful engine, your source of energy to overcome the challenges when they come, because we are free and independent entrepreneurs but also RESPONSIBLE. If at the first gust of wind, you stop, you are not ready to reach the success you deserve. For me, my children are my strongest driving force. I just want to be able to offer them the best. It's a simple desire for a mother, but so powerful that it brings the lioness out of me and I become unstoppable!