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Lyudmila Martynova (Brand Representative)


“How Nu Skin changed my life


I have a medical education and worked in an elite hospital in Moscow for more than 30 years. But one phone call totally changed my life.


I was invited to a Nu Skin presentation in February 2005. Meeting and acquainting myself with the company was revolutionary. It was my destiny and I thank the Universe for this gift. I not only learned that it was possible to take care of myself with quality products, but also to change the situation of my family.


It was a difficult time of losses for my daughter and myself. It was my daughter who supported my decision to consider a business partnership with the company and then she began to actively help me build a team. I was sure it was my place and my business. I had a lot to learn about network marketing, Nu Skin and Pharmanex products, how to hold presentations and workshops, how to start meetings with potential partners, and much more. All these lessons really captured me, and I had a huge desire to achieve my goal – and it was big!


As my team of partners/leaders grew, we all supported each other and helped achieve our goals. A year later, I took part in a success trip to the United States and my daughter had a success trip to Italy. Yes, we worked hard and got even more. New acquaintances, financial opportunities, wellbeing, appearance and travelling. I attended Global Conventions in the USA and Europe several times. That's exactly where you see and feel the power of the company and management, leaders and partners.


I like my active lifestyle: a flexible working schedule, meetings with nice people, spending a lot of time with my grandson, relaxing with my family, and I like to travel a lot. I love helping other people. In the past I felt so pleased that a part of my work was helping my patients to recover. Now, when I help and change the lives of others for the better (appearance, wellbeing, business opportunity), it is a great joy and pleasure for me. I’m so grateful for this partnership with Nu Skin – I got everything I dreamed of and more.


My team is made up of friends and partners and I value that so much. I have been together with some of my partners for 10-14 years. And I’m always open and happy to make new acquaintances. My life is connected with Nu Skin – it is my present and future. I have new dreams and goals!


November 2019



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