Katharina Grosam

Katharina Grosam


My name is Katharina Grosam, I am 32 years old and from the age of 21 I have worked as a freelancer in the beauty industry.

It wasn’t always easy. I was young, inexperienced and had no business sense, but I always kept my goal clearly in mind.


From being a sub-tenant to having my first own shop, taking training course after training course to offer my customers the best quality, 10-12 hour days, few weekends off, and then the accomplishment I had dreamed of: a bigger shop.


In 2018 I opened my exclusive bigger studio which is 100 m².  I said to myself: "WOW Katharina, you have really arrived!". That was the feeling I was hoping for, but unfortunately it didn't materialise. The industry keeps moving, and apart from further training and courses I went as an absolute anti-salesman on the search for products for my studio. Then luckily, I came across NU SKIN.


At an event organised by Kathrin and Michael Glauninger (my sponsors), I discovered the products and was absolutely convinced. That day completely turned my life around. My customers are grateful, and they adore the new products I offered in my studio. Every customer is enthusiastic and I love these stories of success. Not only has my revenue risen sharply due to sales, but my day-to-day life in the studio has changed completely. I am working less actively with customers and so have more time to earn money.

From "independent" to entrepreneur!


My enthusiasm is contagious, all the training is paying off today. I have a wide network of colleagues in the beauty industry, and so in just 6 months I have been able to build a strong team and get ever closer to my desire for financial freedom. Thank you, NU SKIN - Thank you for this great opportunity to grow personally and professionally!