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Janine Callies (Brand Director)


Hello beauty lovers,

My name is Janine. I am 36 years old and come from Berlin.

In August 2018 everything changed for me: I went from a dental assistant and mother of three to self-employment with new and more exciting objectives!

The path to my absolute dream job:

After four years of study as a medical manager, I was not sure if a 9-5 job is what I really wanted, especially as a mother of three. I felt that there was something missing. I even dared to dream that I would find something that also included my interest in hair, beauty and skincare. As I have a family, the idea of working flexibly has always enthused me, but I never knew how to implement my dream to get everything together.

I couldn’t believe it, but in 2018 all I had dreamed of was introduced to me by Kathrin and Michael Glauninger. All of it! Self-employment paired with flexible time management and my love of beauty = Bingo!

And all that as a professional full time Mom…

We managed to create a concept for bloggers, including a terrific Nu Skin Kick Off in Munich organised by the company.

I have finally found what I have always dreamed of. Now I can show the same path to other people with absolute passion and train them to build a business on social media. Working through social media with Instagram & Co. and with products directly out of my bathroom – I truly found my absolute dream job!

Not only can I help others feel better about their skin, I can also change many lives in a positive way by sharing our experiences and knowledge and give the same opportunities that were given to me - the possibility of a dream job.

Janine Callies


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