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Daniela Durech and Lubos Durech

Daniela Durech and Lubos Durech


Daniela and Ľuboš come from the beautiful Slovak town of Púchov, but they have been living in the capitol of Slovakia, Bratislava, for about 17 years. They graduated from University as educators ten years ago and their prospects for the future were not as positive as they had expected.


Daniela had already started a cosmetics business during her high school days. She was even a make-up artist, and she also sang with a jazz band among many other activities to make ends meet. Since he was little, Ľuboš wanted to be a guitarist and he really did everything to achieve it. He had several successful projects, acting as a guitar instructor, but found that his dreams and life ideas were greater than what he was already doing.


Even though they both worked on themselves and on what they enjoyed their whole lives, they got to a point where they were stagnant and considered what to do next. As so-called “unemployable types” they wanted to start some joint venture, but after unsuccessful attempts, they decided to move abroad and start anew. That was the moment when they came across an opportunity with Nu Skin, with whom they signed a contract in December 2008. A lot of hard work ensued, especially in self-development, educating themselves, meeting a lot of amazing people and learning a lot from them. After the first five years of collaborating with Nu Skin, they attained the Executive Brand Director position, organized their dream wedding (after being in a relationship for 15 years) and started travelling around the world, which was not possible earlier for financial reasons.


Since Daniela’s father died when she was little, it was her great dream to be together as a family as much as possible. Luckily, her husband does not have to go to work every day and come back tired in the evening, as it is in most families, but get to spend time together; Nu Skin made this possible for them. “The quality of our lives has improved and we feel very grateful that today, thanks to one decision a few years ago, we can live a life where we do not have to get up every morning to go to work, where we can set our own daily or weekly routine, spend time doing what we enjoy and being with our family, our wonderful daughter Zoe, with the people that make us feel good, and with whom we create values in our lives as well as in the lives of others. Time - that’s the most precious thing we have as people and something we can also give to those closest to us when they need it the most. When you do not have to deal with going back to work, and your earnings come regularly every month because of what you have worked so hard for.” In addition, thanks to self-development, Ľuboš also fulfilled his greatest dream and for several years he has been playing on the biggest stages in one of the most popular bands in Slovakia and Czechia.


They are currently cooperating with partners and clients in many countries worldwide, and social media has brought them a huge new wave of opportunities, as the work that used to take several years can literally be squeezed into mere months. And that is what they love. There is a profound sense of pride when Ľuboš and Daniela see how their business partners have become successful, especially those who they have helped and continue to work hard on their future and the future of their family and children who may later inherit the business.


“Relationships between people have always been, are and will be important to us. This is something that stays with you forever. Our team includes great people who we value, individuals with intense background stories, and who have decided that they will not just give up in life and who take the chance to make their dreams come true. Many, like us, were originally from other areas ... from administration, entrepreneurs to business people, artists and young creative people ... and the desire to achieve more in life and help achieve the same thing for those who also want it is what they all have in common. Many have become our close friends and part of our broader family. All new additions bring us joy and we have the opportunity to help them start building their business. And this is thanks to the opportunity that offers a completely new way of collaboration, combining world trends, the latest science research, innovation, also health and beauty products of the highest quality and especially self-development, which is so important.”


Daniela’s mother also began working with Nu Skin, and today she is a successful leader; they are thus also enjoying the benefits of a family business.


“We still have many goals and challenges that we want to achieve in life, both in the workplace as well as in the personal area. In particular, life is all the more cheerful and more beautiful when we share it with our two-year-old daughter. We are very grateful and happy about the progress Nu Skin is making. Just now, the pay-out plan is changing historically, and innovations continue constantly, which gives us tremendous stability and vision that we can fulfil with all people who gradually join us. The motto that has been with us on our journey for years is: ‘Always aim for the moon, because even if you miss, you will hit the stars’.


Daniela Ďurech and Ľuboš Ďurech