Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer

Perennial® Intense Body Moisturizer

Your skin takes a lot of abuse. Dry air, cold climate, sun, and wind all cause dryness and flaking.

Perennial® Intense Body Moisturizer is the first all-over moisturizer to contain IBR-Dormin™ a natural compound derived from Narcissus bulbs that has been scientifically shown to maximize the skin’s natural defense mechanisms against environmental aggressors.

By increasing cellular durability, Perennial® Intense Body Moisturizer helps your skin remain comfortable and healthy looking year round.

Size: 250ml

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Product Details

  • Usage
    Smooth liberally on entire body. Safe and gentle for all skin types.
  • Key Ingredients
    • IBR-Dormin™—sourced from the narcissus bulb, a flowering perennial plant, this natural compound protects the bulb’s cell structure during harsh winters, allowing it to blossom year after year. It has been scientifically shown to protect skin, provide resiliency, and increase cellular durability, allowing skin cells to maximize their natural defense mechanisms.
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