Celltrex Ultra

Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid

Nu Skin reveals the Mediterranean secret of beautiful skin with Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid.


Known for promoting good health among people of the Mediterranean, now olive oil can enhance the beauty of your skin. Celltrex Ultra contains concentrated levels of the polyphenol Hydroxytyrosol, the most powerful component of olive oil that scavenges free radicals and protects at the cellular level.


Dermatologists understand that cellular oxidation is a source of skin aging. Daily exposure to the environment unleashes a cascade of free radicals in the body. Science shows the nutrients found in olive oil can be effective in relieving oxidative stress on cells.


Just a few drops of Celltrex Ultra every morning and night keeps your skin looking supple, firm and healthy.


Size: 15ml

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Product Details

  • Key Ingredients
    • Hydroxytyrosol—this Nutricentials ingredient comes from Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil and is a dietary antioxidant known for protecting organ health.
    • Oleic acid—also from extra virgin oil, oleic acid supports components of the cell membrane.
    • Glycerin—with superior water-binding properties, this humectant attracts and holds moisture to the skin.
    • Extracts of chamomile, lavender, and orange—provide a light, herbal fragrance.
  • Usage
    Use morning and night. After cleansing and toning, dispense a few drops onto fingertips and gently smooth over face and neck. Follow with the moisturizer of your choice.
  • Product Claims
    • Provides daily antioxidant protection to maintain the beauty of your skin with Nutricentials.
    • Promotes the healthy look of your skin with a life-nurturing ingredient.
    • Keeps skin looking supple, firm, and healthy.
    • Lightweight serum is quickly absorbed into skin.
    • Light, aromatic scent from plant extracts.
    • Safety-Allergy-Dermatologist Tested
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  • Demonstration

    Dermatologists understand that cellular oxidation (sometimes referred to as cellular metabolism) is a source of skin aging. Research has shown that the nutrients, especially hydroxytyrosol, found in extra virgin olive oil can be effective in relieving oxidative stress on cells. To demonstrate the ability of Celltrex Ultra to minimize oxidation, cut a russet potato* in half and spread Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid onto one half of the potato. Do notapply any product to the other half of the potato. Place the two halves side by side and examine both halves of the potato after fifteen minutes. You will notice, the half of the potato with Celltrex Ultra still looks fresh, while the untreated half is beginning to brown. The longer you wait, the more dramatic the difference between the two halves becomes.
    *A russet potato will provide the most visually compelling results.Why this demonstration works: As the untreated half of the potato is exposed to the air, it begins to oxidize. The powerful antioxidant, hydroxytyrosol, actually protects the other half of thepotato from oxidation, keeping it form turning brown. Your skin oxidizes in a similar way in response to free radicals, causing many of the common signs we associate with aging. Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid, with patented hydroxytyrosol can protect your skin from skin-aging free radical damage.

  • Question & Answers
    How does Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid Ultra differ from Celltrex Skin Hydrating Fluid?
    Unlike Celltrex Skin Hydrating Fluid, Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid is fortified with Nutricentials—essential nutrients from food sources delivered directly to the skin in their purest, most concentrated form. Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid contains Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil with elevated levels of the antioxidant hydroxytyrosol to scavenge free radicals and protect your skin at a cellular level. Also contains oleic acid from olive oil to support cell membrane components.

    Can I use Celltrex Skin Hydrating Fluid and Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid at the same time?
    We generally do not recommend layering two serum or gel based products on top of each other because some skin types cannot absorb both layers and will experience some balling up of the products. If your skin can absorb both serums, we recommend applying Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid first.

    Where in my skin care routine does Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid fit?
    Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid fits in the “nourish” step and should be applied after toning and before moisturizing. Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid should be applied after treatment products and before moisturizers.

    What is hydroxytyrosol?
    Hydroxytyrosol is an extract from Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil that contains concentrated levels of polyphenols to provide powerful antioxidant protection.