Nu Skin Clear Action System

Nu Skin Clear Action® System

Nu Skin Clear Action® System is a gentle but effective treatment system designed to help clear the blemishes you have now, fade the signs of past breakouts, and, most importantly, keep skin clear and vibrant for the future.

Nu Skin Clear Action® Foaming Cleanser
Cleanses deep into your pores. Nu Skin Clear Action® Foaming Cleanser is formulated to disrupt the breakout causing union of oil and debris. You know it’s working as the foam bubbles and changes from white to clear. Featuring salicylic acid to clear pores and reduce most breakouts, this cleanser leaves your skin fresh and clean without feeling tight or dry.

Nu Skin Clear Action® Toner
Keeps your complexion calm and shine free. Nu Skin Clear Action® Toner calms angry red skin and manages present oil levels, promoting a shin-free clear complexion. Licorice extract soothes irritated skin while zinc PCA helps control sebum levels. Potassium ascorbyl tocopheryl phosphate (a special blend of vitamins C and E) replenishes the natural antioxidant supply that is lost when your skin is fighting breakouts.

Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment
Treats and protects your complexion. Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment helps improve breakouts and associated signs caused by the internal and external stresses of life. Contains hexapeptide-2, which has been shown to help reduce the potential development of dark spots. White tea extract is a powerful antioxidant that protects and helps restore your skin’s natural resiliency to keep it looking healthy. Salicylic acid clears pores to reduce most breakouts.

Nu Skin Clear Action® Night Treatment
Helps you wake up to healthier looking skin. Nu Skin Clear Action® Night Treatment erases the signs of breakouts while you sleep. Retinol and patented alpha lipoic acid work to diminish the appearance of remnant marks uneven skin texture and discoloration) associated with past breakouts for a smooth, clear, evenly toned complexion while salicylic acid clears pores.

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Product Details

  • Usage

    Morning Regimen
    Step 1: Nu Skin Clear Action® Foaming Cleanser
    Step 2: Nu Skin Clear Action® Toner
    Step 3: Nu Skin Clear Action® Day Treatment

    Night Regimen
    Step 1: Nu Skin Clear Action® Foaming Cleanser
    Step 2: Nu Skin Clear Action® Toner
    Step 3: Nu Skin Clear Action® Night Treatment

  • Product Claims
    • Uses patented technology to help improve the appearance of uneven texture and skin discoloration from past breakouts.
    • Clinically proven to reduce acne and help keep skin clear of blemishes.
    • Works to prevent future blemishes from forming.
  • Resources
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  • Clinical Test

    Consumer studies found that participants who used the Nu Skin Clear Action System experienced an overall:

    • reduction in blemishes
    • decrease in redness
    • improvement in skin texture
    • increase in skin clarity
    • enhancement of skin radiance
  • FYI
    Enhancing your regimen with LifePak

    When fighting acne, your skin's antioxidant supply is depleted, which can increase the risk of early aging and wrinkles.

    Supplementing your Nu Skin Clear Action regimen with LifePak ensures your skin receives optimal antioxidant protection from the inside out.

    LifePak also supports your skin by providing an array of nutrients that target and inhibit the symptoms associated with aging.
  • Question & Answers

    How long will it be until I see results with the Nu Skin Clear Action® System?
    Within one week, skin should appear calmer, smoother, and less oily. After a few weeks,there should be an overall improvement in skin clarity, texture, and breakout frequency.After four weeks, skin will become more radiant and even toned as breakouts diminish.

    Is the system formulated for the face only or can it be used on the chest and back?
    The Nu Skin Clear Action® System can also be used on the chest and back.

    What if I get the product in my eyes?
    Flush your eyes with water. If severe irritation results, contact a doctor.

    Can I use other products in conjunction with the system?
    For added hydration, use Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion SPF 15 for combination tooily skin in the morning and Night Supply Lotion in the evening. For moderate to deep lines andwrinkles, use Tru Face™ Line Corrector. For a spot treatment, use Epoch® Blemish Treatment. Theseproducts should be applied after Nu Skin Clear Action® Day or Night Treatment. We recommendadding one product at a time to your acne regimen to test for irritation. For additional informationabout the use of other Nu Skin products with this system, please visit

    What should I do if my skin experiences dryness and itching while using the system?
    If you experience severe itching and irritation while using the system, discontinue use.However, if you notice mild dryness, you can address the problem by applying a Nu Skin moisturizerfortified with Nutricentials® after the Nu Skin Clear Action™ Day or Night Treatment.

    I’ve just started using Nu Skin Clear Action® and my skin is breaking out. Why?
    Your skin may flair up slightly as it adjusts to the Nu Skin Clear Action®regimen. Werecommend using Epoch® Blemish Treatment, after Nu Skin Clear Action® Day or Night Treatment, as a spot treatment while your skin adapts.

    If my skin is oily and has a tendency to breakout, but is currently clear, can I use theNu Skin Clear Action® System?
    Yes. The Nu Skin Clear Action® System is designed to improve all issues associated withacne, including past scarring and future breakouts. However, if your skin is clear, we recommendusing Nu Skin’s daily skin care products fortified with Nutricentials®.

    How long should the system last?
    Each product in the system is designed to last approximately 30 days.

    Can teenagers use this system?
    Yes. Even though it is marketed for adults, the system is not designed for a specificage category. It is designed to treat all symptoms of acne whether you are a teenager oran adult.

    Should I wear a sunscreen while using the system?
    With any of our systems, Nu Skin recommends the use of sunscreen to protect theskin from sun damage. We suggest trying Nu Colour® Skin Beneficial Tinted Moisturizeror Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion SPF 15.