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ageLOC Me® is a next-generation skin care system where high-powered products, millions of insightful data points, advanced technology, and our skin care expertise collide. All to maximize your skin benefits. It’s all about me.

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Optimized for
Asian Skin

✓   Reformulated Serums
✓   Clinically Proven Results
✓   Smart Beauty Device, no more guess work

Conquer each day with radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin.

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After 3 months of use.


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Key Benefits of ageLOC Me

ageLOC me watercolor device

✓   Antioxidant-Protection


✓   Anti-Pollution


✓   Nourishment


✓   Hydration


✓   Oil Control


✓   UV Protection

✓   Cell Turnover


✓   Visible Plumping


✓   Visible Brightening


✓   Visible Firming


✓   Visible Pore Refining


✓   Visible Reduction in
       Lines & Wrinkles


The microlayering technology weaves the 3 customized serums into 40 layers that results in improved absorption into the skin as compared to hand mixing.

The Result

3x more absorption into skin*
And more actives distributed evenly into the skin
– better results

“Absorption into the skin” refers to the stratum corneum. 3x was calculated by dividing the average data points of combining through device (microlayering technology) vs. hand mixing

microlayering technology

The Power of Microlayering Technology



Customized skin care

Created for you, by you.

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