EcoSphere 3in1 Cartridge


Clean, safe water is the foundation of a healthy life. The problem, however, is that water that comes from any water source directly can be filled with contaminants, many of which you can’t even see. That’s why an efficient and effective water purification system is so important.


The EcoSphere Water Purifier eliminates harmful toxins, chemicals, and other impurities from tap water to provide clean, safe drinking water for you and your family. 


Our i4 UltraPure Technology is representative of our commitment to superior water purification. It consists of an intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology that supports overall wellness and helps you avoid health risks by effectively eliminating 99.9999-percent of bacteria.


4-Stage Ultra Purification Technology: 3in1 cartridge + UV Lamp

  • All-in-one cartridge lasts up to 12 months and features easy, convenient replaceability.
  • UV lamp is built into the device and does not require periodic replacement.

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Product Details


    To replace the 3in1 cartridge, simply twist the top of the old cartridge approximately 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and lift it out. Slide the new cartridge in, press down slightly, and rotate it clockwise until the small dot on the cartridge lines up with the lock icon on the EcoSphere Water Purifier. No special tools are necessary and the entire process takes