Angela Liew and Rayne Ho

Angela Liew & Rayne Ho

20 Million Dollar Circle & 14 Year Team Elite

“The road to success is never walked alone.”

Being the first pair of leaders to attain the 20 Million Dollar Circle award and the only distributors to qualify as Team Elite members consecutively for 13 years in Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore, the success of Angela and Rayne in this business has inspired a multitude of people. They are looked upon by many as a source of aspiration and the question on everyone’s lips is how do they do it? According to Angela and Rayne, there are no secrets to their success. It is all a matter of focus and an unwavering commitment to succeed.


“You reap what you sow. Depending on how you treat your Nu Skin business, the business will treat you back the same way,” Angela explained their attitude towards their efforts in building their network. “Many people want to achieve what we have achieved but they are not ready to do whatever it takes. Rayne and I eat, breathe and sleep Nu Skin! Success has become a habit for us after years of dedication. We are 100% focused in this business. We’ve encountered many people who hunger for success but they get distracted easily by family, lifestyle demands, and temptations.” While family comes first, Angela feels that many allow familial commitments to be an emotional stumbling block in Nu Skin rather than as motivating factors to propel them towards success.


Partners in a business dealing with education before joining Nu Skin in 2001, Angela and Rayne agree that their partnership has worked well all these years because they both have a long-term view of ventures they go into. “Since the beginning, our position is to reap long-term gains rather than to take advantage of each other for short-term profits. This has resulted in a bigger heart to accommodate each other’s shortcomings and grow our strengths as well as to broaden our horizons to see the potential of opportunities,” Rayne shared.


To the both of them, the tenets of exceling in the Nu Skin business opportunity are to “believe, commit and persist. Believe in the company, the products and yourself. Commit to this business wholeheartedly, and persist no matter what challenges come your way. Follow the advice of your upline leaders and duplicate the business model that has been created. We have been doing all these throughout the years. Success is very straightforward in this business.”


For their continued success, Rayne and Angela are very grateful to the founders and scientists of Nu Skin for being visionaries in creating trend-setting technologies and products that places the company at the forefront of health science and personal care, thereby allowing distributors to experience exponential growth in the business. The leaders would also like to thank all Nu Skin staff and their business partners for their support and team spirit.

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