Angela Liew and Rayne Ho

Angela Liew & Rayne Ho

20 Million Dollar Circle & 15 Year Team Elite

“Success is a habit.”

Fifteen years in the Nu Skin business, 15 times they have attained the Team Elite status. Their consecutive annual qualification into one of Nu Skin’s most prestigious pin titles is nothing short of astounding but Angela and Rayne are unfazed by the recognition because to them, it is the success of their business partners that really matters. “The true winners are the ones in a situation where everybody wins,” declared Angela. “And Nu Skin is a great business that helps everybody win. The company has innovative and effective products for consumers seeking health and beauty, a rewarding compensation plan for those seeking a business opportunity, and through various Force for Good philanthropic initiatives, we can be part of the greater community to help the under privileged worldwide.”


The leaders feel that their lives are more meaningful and fulfilled because of Nu Skin. Joining the business in 2000, Angela and Rayne were business partners running an education establishment and had no prior experience in the direct selling industry. Today, the leaders are veterans who have accumulated a vast record of successes in the business. From experience, the leaders observed that many people do not know what they need or the lifestyle they want to lead until they are shown the product or an example of the kind of lifestyle they could have. “Everyone wants a life that is healthy, beautiful, joyful, filled with good fortunes and full of love. Through Nu Skin, we can pursue all that without sacrificing our well-being, vitality, happiness and time with family. With this business, we can take charge of our lives and find fulfillment in many aspects,” Rayne shared.


Being honorary board members of the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, an initiative under Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation, Angela and Rayne actively devote their resources to help children with congenital heart defects. To date, the fund has helped financed the treatments of over 7,000 child patients. “Regardless how small our contribution is, it makes a big difference to the children and I feel immensely touched that we can make their lives better. It makes me feel proud to be a part of Nu Skin,” Angela said. In view of their contributions, the leaders have been invited to a meeting at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, a landmark renowned for hosting highly prolific politicians and elite personalities.


Angela and Rayne are very grateful for the many people who have helped them along the way as they believe that the road to success is never walked alone. They feel privileged to have attracted many good people into their network who share the common vision and mission to transform for lives for the better. Looking ahead, the leaders are excited to share the next revolution in Nu Skin’s ageLOC® anti-aging science and business opportunity with more people all over the world!