Humanitarian Efforts

Humanitarian Efforts

 Our mission is to act as a force for good in the world. To help us fulfill this mission, we created the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation to help create a better world for children by improving human life, continuing indigenous cultures, and protecting fragile environments.

Additionally, in 2002 we launched the Nourish the Children Initiative as a way to help address the epidemic problem of world hunger. This unique initiative unites Nu Skin Enterprises with its extensive worldwide distributor force as a powerful force in saving lives around the world by providing a nutrient-dense food perfectly suited to the nutritional needs of starving children. We have now donated more than 150 million meals through the NTC program.

Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Partnerships

Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation
Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a genetically transmitted skin disorder that causes the development of blisters or open sores which never go away and can cover as much as 75 percent of the body. Nu Skin Enterprises and the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation are committed to helping researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine find a cure for EB through continued funding. The company, its distributors, stockholders and employees have donated more than $15 million dollars to EB research since the company began its support in 1996. With the support of the company and the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, a cure for EB is now in sight.

The Seacology Foundation
The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation offers continual support of projects in association with the Seacology Foundation. Through our ongoing association with Dr. Paul Cox, a portion of proceeds from the sale of Epoch products support the Seacology Foundation. Seacology is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization dedicated to preserving the environment and culture of islands around the globe, and to launching projects that help preserve island ecosystems and cultures.

Recent Projects

For a list of some of the most recent projects funded by the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation click here.