Ong Gee & Jenny Ding

Ong Gee & Jenny Ding

Team Elite 3 Years

“Keep it simple and cooperate with upline leaders unconditionally.”

Ong Gee & Jenny Ding

Between 2001 and 2012, there sat a difficult journey towards simplicity for the three years Team Elite, Ong Gee and Jenny Ding. Qualifying for this mark of excellence in leadership for the third time, the husband-and-wife team made this realisation about the Nu Skin business… “It helps to play it a little ‘dumb’.”


Wait a minute. Could there have been a mistake in that approach for success? Aren’t smart people more successful? How could deliberately becoming mentally complacent be the smartest move in this business? Ong Gee explains, “We used to think a lot in this business. Initially, we thought about the illegitimacy of the business and Nu Skin despite the company’s long-standing history and track record. Then we tried to understand how the business can be so simple. We analysed everything, and tried to find ways to do things differently. But having been in the business for over a decade, we realized that simple thinking is the best way forward.”


Alluding their initial analytical approach to the business to the Chinese idiom 画蛇添足 (adding limbs to a completed picture of a snake), they realized their folly in trying to perfect what is already a masterpiece. “From our experience, many people tend to over-think this business and let their application of intelligence get in the way of success (聪明反被聪明误). In any business, there are two factors to success – products and sales model. For products, Nu Skin has already done all the scientific research and numerous users’ testimonies have attested to their safety and efficacies.”


As for sales model, the accomplished leaders in this business have already walked the path to success, understood all the challenges and did all the thinking work to formulate duplicable methods to follow. “The business is really very simple. When we think too much, we actually complicate matters. By keeping things simple, we can accomplish tasks much faster,” added Ong Gee.


A top Financial Planner before joining Nu Skin, he qualified as a Blue Diamond Executive within the first year in the business and Team Elite in the second. However, Ong Gee didn’t qualify for Team Elite again subsequently until 2010. This recognition is his third qualification of the title in two consecutive years. It seems, allowing oneself to be naive in this business has big pay-offs.


Reading a million books cannot replace the experience of making that thousand-mile journey to a destination. And when embarking on the journey, having enlightened leaders point the way ahead will make the trip that much easier (读万卷书,不如行万里路。行万里路,不如有名师指路). “For pointing out our blind spots and simplifying things for us, we are very grateful to 10 Million Dollar Circle Member, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew. We are also indebted to our families and business partners for all their support. We will continue to keep it simple for our downlines to achieve success!”