Lim Wee Lee & Wei Xiu Yan

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Lim Wee Lee & Wei Xiu Yan

Team Elite 1 Year

"Core desire with massive action results in great success."

Lim Wee Lee & Wei Xiu Yan

Indeed it is this duo's strong core desire coupled with hard work and determination that have enabled them to attain success in a short span of time. The duo, made up of Wee Lee & Xiu Yan who are husband and wife. Together they enjoy success using Nu Skin as their vehicle to time and financial freedom.


Like many young, energetic entrepreneurs, Wee Lee set up an investment company with the hope of achieving their financial goals by minding their own business. When the Nu Skin business opportunity presented itself, Wee Lee realised that the cashflow it can potentially generate would be a great asset to their investment company. Thus began Wee Lee's intensive research on the background and stability of the company.


When the duo realised that the China market was going to open up due to its entry into the World Trade Organisation, they became excited and jumped onto the Nu Skin bandwagon, and have never looked back since. The opening of China's market would represent an unprecedented business opportunity and Nu Skin to them was the perfect vehicle to participate in China's fast moving consumer goods market with minimal risk yet high returns.


This energetic group of entrepreneurs were also convinced to join the Nu Skin business because of the excellent "world class" management, global compensation plan and incentive benefits that no other company would be able to beat. The management treats each and everyone as partners and equals. They add that the initiative of the company is massive with loads of start up opportunities all over the world.


The only challenge that the dynamic duo had was in changing their attitude and mindset from that of being an employee to being bosses. To overcome this, they meet with their successful uplines who constantly encourage them and remind them of their challenges and goals. Wee Lee explains that the Nu Skin business is about being a better person because only when they grow personally then does the business grow.


The duo maintains that obtaining success is not impossible at all, armed with one important factor, success is within reach. Wee Lee explains that this factor is in knowing what your core desire in life is and to maintain a long term attitude towards achieving it.


Xiu Yan elaborates by saying that there are three keys to success. One is to have absolute belief. Belief in yourself, the company, the products, the management and the system that you belong to. Next is to have massive action, without which is like a car with its accelerator pedal fully depressed but is unable to move because the car is in neutral gear. The third is to have a hundred per cent duplication because this business is a personal franchise business and as all franchises go, 100% duplication is important.


It does seem that the duo have indeed gotten their focus and formula of success right because they now have freedom. Not only in terms of financial and time freedom but also the freedom to make choices concerning their lives and goals in future. Wee Lee aims to be a missionary and as for Xiu Yan, it is simply to be able to stand on top of Mount Everest and see the world.