Teng Siqi

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Teng Siqi

“Success doesn’t rely on your background, qualifications or network. It is because you are sure of your belief and persevered.”

Teng Siqi

Exuding a maturity and wisdom well beyond her 29 years of age, Siqi possesses a level of self-awareness that has worked wonderfully to her advantage in helping her rationalize obstacles. With her father being unsupportive of her Nu Skin venture, Siqi had an unfavourable start in the business. However, she is very clear about the reasons she wants to be in this business and stuck to them. Her determination finally bore fruit as made it as one of Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s celebrated Blue Diamond Executive.


Siqi’s first encounter with Nu Skin was in 2009 when her friends, Yidan and Denise introduced her to the TRA Program. “I really thank them for the introduction because I used to be plump and many of my slimming efforts didn’t work until I went on the TRA Program. I started sharing about it and income started coming in. Just spending two hours at night, I get the same return as working 8 hours a day. I started to realise the power of Nu Skin in helping  us achieve financial freedom by helping others to get back their health and dreams. So I went  full force and help a lot of my friends in the beginning of the business,” shared the former Human Resource Executive.


However, her father didn’t agree with her decision. But when he witnessed her personal growth and change in mindset, he gave his full support. Together with her parents and other half, John Tan’s belief and support, she managed to go all out and shine. “I am very grateful to John. He was the one who first believed in this business and was always by my side to remind me that it is about networking and helping others get what they want, and not about being in sales. He is just like the general or commander in a war!”


In addition, Siqi is also very thankful for Blue Diamond Executives, Gavin Sim and Doris Lim; all her MCA uplines and the Nu Skin team for their nurturing support. Here’s to more great things ahead!