Ong Wei Qi & Derrick Wu

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Ong Wei Qi & Derrick Wu

Keep it simple. When we over analyse, we get paralysed.

Ong Wei Qi & Derrick Wu

Wei Qi and Derrick’s journey to becoming Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s newest Blue Diamond Executives has a fish out of water beginning. “We have been engineers throughout our working lives. We know nothing about network marketing, have zero experience in sales and I can’t even speak well,” Wei Qi professed. Her initial exasperation with not possessing the pre-requisites to succeed in this business was evident in her voice. However, in just 2 years, the couple reached the top of Nu Skin’s salesmanship. So what went right?


The year was 2010 when Wei Qi was approached by an ex-secondary schoolmate about Nu Skin. She was curious about the products but was unconvinced about taking on the business opportunity. Like many who are concerned about their weight, Wei Qi started on the Nu Skin TRA Program. Within a month, her visible weight loss drew enquiries from friends and relatives.


Excited about the product’s effectiveness, Wei Qi was driven to share the good news to help more people manage their weight. That’s when she decided to embark on the business opportunity that Nu Skin offers and within two weeks, she qualified as an Executive Distributor. But her business activities were held secret from her husband.


“Derrick was an even bigger skeptic than I was about the Nu Skin business so I didn’t let him know I went into it. He was away on a business trip when I started. Upon his return and discovery of my Nu Skin involvement, he got very upset,” Wei Qi recounted. Despite her husband’s disproval, Wei Qi persevered. Seeing the change in his wife for the better, Derrick relented and did careful and extensive research about Nu Skin before being convinced himself about the company and its products. Today, the couple works hand-in-hand as full-time Nu Skin distributors.


Wei Qi and Derrick have many people they would like to thank for their success. They would like to especially show their gratitude to their uplines, Blue Diamond Executives Lim Siew Ting and Sinarman Salam for their care, patience and professionalism; and 10 Million Dollar Circle Members Rayne Ho and Angela Liew. Their Blue Diamond achievement is testament that no prior experience is needed for success in this business. However, perseverance in the face of objections and a desire to help goes a long way!