Joselyn Tong

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Joselyn Tong

“It doesn’t matter what’s your background, sincerity is the currency of success in this business.”

Joselyn Tong

Joselyn and Nu Skin go a long way back. She was introduced to the company 18 years ago and signed up as a Distributor in Taiwan. However, upon her return to Malaysia, the long distance made it daunting for her to build up the business. So when Nu Skin expanded into Singapore and Malaysia, she was more than happy. But by then, the homemaker had started a hairdressing business and had little time to pursue the Nu Skin opportunity but her passion for its products remained.


“I continue to use Nu Skin products but didn’t think about building the business again. The turning point came when I started on TRA. The results were so dramatic that family, friends and customers started asking me about what I did. When I shared the product with them, they readily signed up and bought the weight management system. You can say that my success is sort of an accident!” Joselyn quipped jokingly. Being someone who is very cautious with her recommendations, her discretion has earned her great trust within her social network. With Nu Skin products practically selling themselves, Joselyn rekindled her initial zeal for success in the business and started to get serious nine months ago.


“Being able to restart the business shows that Nu Skin doesn’t have an expiry date and success is waiting for anyone who decides to go after it,” reflected Joselyn. The leader feels that if she can make it in this business, everyone can do it too. “I am a very simple and ordinary person, I never dreamt about achieving success of this level but Nu Skin made me feel like a star! It does not matter which life stage you are at… young or senior, university graduate or schooled by life, high-flying professionals or regular employees, regardless of your background, as long as you have confidence and believe in yourself, in willing to work hard, then a future of financial and time freedom can be yours through this business.”


Admitting that she still has a lot to learn in the business especially in her delivery and communication of product benefits, Joselyn feels very fortunate to have very helpful and supportive uplines who are ever ready to guide and go to the frontline with her to meet prospects. For her success, she is immensely grateful to Team Elite, Maggie Chek and Jun Chow; Million Dollar Circle and Team Elite, Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; and Blue Diamond Executive, To Lay San. Moving forward, Joselyn would like to help more ordinary people like herself enjoy an extraordinary life with Nu Skin!