Jess Lim Siew Ting & Sinarman Salam

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Jess Lim Siew Ting & Sinarman Salam

Blue Diamond & 1 Year Team Elite

“In Nu Skin, instead of using the brain to work, you have to work with your heart.”

Jess Lim Siew Ting & Sinarman Salam

Engineers by education and profession, Siew Ting and Sinarman are used to a predominantly left-brain approach in organizing their lives; an approach where analysis and logic overtakes intuition and emotional decisions. Then Nu Skin happened. And their world opened up.


“In our previous engineering line of work, we use a lot of our brains. We study every situation objectively and solve problems in a systematic manner. But since joining Nu Skin in December 2009, we’ve gotten back in touch with our ‘human’ side where we feel for a person or situation before applying analysis on how to help make things better,” the couple divulged, reinforcing Nu Skin’s founding principle as a people’s business.


Their transition hadn’t come easy as moving out of one’s comfort zone always require drastic changes. That’s when the spousal team truly appreciates the beauty of the Nu Skin business. They can grow and adapt at their own pace. But how did Siew Ting and Sinarman made the successful switch from being engineers to network marketers and achieving the Nu Skin Blue Diamond status in an industry they were strangers to?


“We faithfully attend trainings and meetings to upgrade ourselves in this business. Through continuous learning, we changed our mindset from one of being an employee to that of an entrepreneur. When we perceived ourselves as business owners, our perception of work changed and problems become possibilities,” Siew Ting shared. Being the key driver in their Nu Skin venture, she finds that the business has freed her from mental stress.


For her, the other great thing about the Nu Skin opportunity apart from financial and time freedom is that of working amongst friends. “In traditional employment, we work with colleagues and we are only concerned with getting the job done. But when our working relationship is based on friendship, we can not only leverage on each other’s skills but there’s a higher degree of care for each other.”


Siew Ting is extremely grateful for the full support she receives from her husband and the couple would like to thank their families, uplines and downlines for their trust and belief in them. They will continue to work hard and aspire towards their next goal of becoming Million Dollar Circle members!