Jasmine Tay & Kenny Yeo

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Jasmine Tay & Kenny Yeo

“Daring ourselves to dream is the catalyst towards achieving our vision, having the courage to embrace change is the next step which spurs us to attain success.”

Jasmine Tay & Kenny Yeo

Kenny, 47 and Jasmine, 49, had absolutely no reason to change their lifestyle – the happily married couple have three lovely kids and been running a successful real estate agency for the past 15 years. However, their desire to better their lives was stoked when they learnt of Nu Skin and the immense opportunities behind its innovative products. Furthermore, they were touched by Nu Skin’s spirit of long-term social responsibility via the Force for Good Foundation, which has supported hundreds of worthwhile projects in more than 50 countries. The couple felt the foundation is a platform to contribute more to society.


Kenny and Jasmine hence mustered up their courage to step out of their comfort zone to join Nu Skin full-time in February 2012. “I would be lying if I said it was an easy decision – it was practically back to zero for us and we had to work hard to convince others of what we set out to do. We fully believe everyone is able to achieve their ideal life and aspirations through the Nu Skin business, and it is with this mindset that we set out sharing Nu Skin with a sincere heart to help others.”


Since joining Nu Skin, Kenny and Jasmine feel that their lives have been enriched; they have grown to be more appreciative of the people around them who played a part in getting them to where they are today. More importantly, they understand the meaning of real success – it is not measured merely by financial gains, but the number of people they have enabled to be successful in life. “The joy of seeing our downlines thrive in their own business and become better people in the process is the greatest reward that we get. And we would never have experienced this self-satisfaction if we had stayed in Kenny’s real estate business.”


Achieving the Blue Diamond Executive status to them signifies greater responsibility and accountability to people such as their downlines who have placed their trust in them. “It is just the beginning of our Nu Skin journey!” the couple quipped.  The next step for the dynamic couple would be to influence more people to join them on their Nu Skin journey, grow and reap the abundant rewards together as a team. “Success is just within your grasp as long as you have the courage to dream!”