Fenny So

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Fenny So

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.”

Fenny So

Suffering a long bout of ill-health and persistent coughs, Fenny was physically exhausted when she met Team Elite Member Raymond Chia in December 2009. He introduced her to the TRA Program. Having tried almost all avenues to make herself feel better, the 32-year-old felt one more attempt couldn’t hurt. However, within a week on the program, her health made a 180-degree recovery.


Overjoyed, Fenny immediately saw the potential of the product to help more people. “If it can do something so wonderful for me, I’m sure many will benefit. So I told my family and friends about it and things took off from there. I’ve always wanted to look for an opportunity where I can work for a few years and then retire young,” said the former insurance agent. She was in the financial planning line for a short seven months and quit when she realized it wasn’t meeting her goal.


“With Nu Skin, it’s different. Not only do I get what I want, I get to help others get what they want too. It’s not about just doing a business, earning an income, but it’s the whole culture of being a Force For Good.” Fenny feels that many want to be good people but due to the daily stress of living, kindness is forgotten and compassion overlooked. “We are in business for this – to help people achieve good health, appearance and financial freedom, the good in us is brought out naturally. The environment is just fantastic where everyone genuinely caring about each other.”


And a business that has a heart is very important for Fenny who is an avid practitioner of spiritual endeavours. Her dream is to go full-time into her spiritual pursuits once she retires and she believes that with Nu Skin, her goal won’t be too far. “When I started, I never thought about being a Blue Diamond Executive, it seemed so far away. But my leaders believed in me and I started to believe in myself and I did it. “It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. We get what we believe we can achieve.”


Fenny would like to thank Team Elite Members, Raymond Chia and Wendy Kia for all the help and guidance; and 10 Million Dollar Circle Members, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew for creating such a nurturing environment.