Doris Tan

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Doris Tan

"There's no secret to success. What you need is to have a goal, a plan, take action and persevere. Success is just a matter of time."

Doris Tan

A graduate with an Honorary Degree in Building Survey from Scotland, Edinburgh,  Doris gained immediate employment in her area of study upon returning to Singapore in her 20s. However, after working for 18 months, her enterprising nature prompted her to start an import and export business dealing in seafood. Her business venture proved successful and she expanded into property with her own agency. Under her property business, her company started a foodcourt and a karaoke pub. “The financial returns were good. But as the only person running all the businesses, I was tired out.”

Having started so many businesses, Doris realized that what she really wants is a venture that can give her great returns but yet allow her time freedom. So when one of her co-broke property agents told her about Nu Skin, her keen business sense was able to see the potential right away. “I was first attracted to Nu Skin by its simplicity, the compensation plan and business model. In traditional business, the overheads are very high, especially in Singapore. There are rental, research and development, staff benefits and a lot of management issues to worry about.” But with Nu Skin, she only needs to do two things – product sales and nurturing her business partners. There’re no huge operating costs to worry about and the business is global.

Doris took up the Nu Skin business opportunity on a part-time basis for the first two years. From her third to sixth year, she went into it full-time and sold off her traditional businesses. And was it all worth it? “Yes. Now I don’t only have an income, I have the flexibility of time, and my health and appearance have also improved.”

On top of that, Doris has learnt to adopt a positive attitude towards many things and is more approachable. She can appreciate the differences in people and has a perspective of normalcy in all situations. Doris disclosed that she had gained this perspective after facing a lot of rejections when she first tried to introduce Nu Skin to her friends and prospects. She learnt that this business emphasizes relationship building between people, so she persevered. When people around her start seeing the results this business has on her, they changed their minds.
Today, her family and friends are her biggest supporters and business partners and she would like to accord her success to them. She is also grateful for all the uplines, sidelines and business partners who continue to work as one family and making success a possibility.