Zan Zhou & Gordon Song

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Executive Brand Director

"Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations
are those you set upon yourself"

Family… a source from which our inspiration to do better springs; a motivation that propels us to be more than we can be, yet sometimes, the responsibility to provide can become a leash that chains us to always staying status quo. In her course of building her Nu Skin network since 2013, Zan has seen many torn between the desire to be better providers and the fear to try anything Nu. Zan identifies with those feelings and she understands the frustrations. She has been through the struggle with uncertainties and self-doubt but she chose to follow her instincts and take action rather than over-think a situation. Taking a gritty approach has served her well.


A mother-of-two, Zan is driven to do well in the business because of her children – a 7-year-old boy and a 5year-old girl. “As a mother building the Nu Skin business, I have encountered many mothers who used their children as reasons for why they want to be in this business, so that they can have more time for their families, but at the same time, their children are also the reasons they cannot succeed in the business. It is a conundrum. Personally, I truly believe that our kids are powerful motivators towards our success instead,” Zan enthused. “For me, my spur to fight for Blue Diamond was because of something my son said. He asked me why my photo wasn’t on the Nu Skin recognition board. Then he said, ‘I thought you told me that we must do our best in everything we do.’ That statement made me tear and reflect on my own achievements.” Today, the personable leader has reached one of the major milestones on the Nu Skin path to success… that of achieving the Blue Diamond status.


Her journey to reach the top hasn’t been easy. An auditor before a decade’s stint as a headhunter, Zan took up the Nu Skin opportunity without much experience in the industry. “Due to the nature of my previous professions, I was a very task-oriented individual. Through Nu Skin, I’ve learnt to value friendship much more and to genuinely love and care for people,” Zan shared as she recounted the transformation in her personality. Her concern for her customers and business partner has led to close follow-ups and quality services which in return, opened up more referrals that grew her consumer and business builder base.


Zan is very thankful for qualifying as a Blue Diamond Executive. Her gratitude goes to the higher power and her family for the support as well as to 10 Million Dollar Circle , Lilian Ong; Million Dollar Circle , Chan Bao Yan and Alan Tan; and Blue Diamond Executive, Melissa Tan. Looking ahead, Zan has set her sights on achieving Team Elite and Million Dollar Circle membership through helping her team achieve their next milestone for in the Nu Skin business, success is achieved together as a team!