Circle Of Excellence I

“Enjoy the journey, be simple and persevere!”

Success came for Angus and Lynn when they switched up their hard-headed approach to a more heartfelt one in their Nu Skin business. While being goal-oriented is an effective business strategy, they discovered that being a good listener and genuinely caring for people are important as well. After all, Nu Skin is a “people business”, and that requires a more empathetic approach.


The couple’s journey into Nu Skin started when they were first introduced to the ageLOC TR90 weight management program. Back then, Angus was a fitness trainer while Lynn was a regional sales manager in the electronic industry. Their work schedules were very time-consuming, which meant they hardly had any time for their family. Both of them yearned for a flexible schedule and to have work-life balance.


After experiencing positive results from the weight management program, the couple went ahead to learn more about the business. From thereon, Lynn and Angus decided to make the leap into the unknown by embarking on the Nu Skin business.


“The opportunity came at the right time. We were looking for more flexibility in our schedules and a better lifestyle for our family. Nu Skin gave us  the opportunity to focus on what’s important,” Lynn says.


As Nu Skin was a totally new line of work, they had a rocky but exciting start. Albeit the challenges, they learned a lot about being an entrepreneur. But more than that, they both experienced significant personal transformation.


“In the beginning, we were both very result-driven – we were just concerned about closing a sale and hitting our targets,” Angus shares. “It was stressful, and we quickly realised that this method does not work when it comes to a unique business like Nu Skin. We finally understood that we need to come from a more people-oriented mindset. It wasn’t an easy learning curve, but we learned how to listen better, be more open, and connect with others.”


A more people-centred approach proved to be one of the couple’s most vital keys to success. Today, they have achieved the sought-after Circle of Excellence I recognition, which drives them to achieve  more so that they can help more people look and feel younger. Apart from this, a willingness to change and teamwork are also essential elements in their business.


“When you are willing to learn and change, you will discover new ways of achieving your goals. It’s also important to keep things simple, be humble and sincere,” Angus says. “We are thankful we have our family’s full support as well as our team’s dedication to sharing the products and the business. We won’t be where we are today without their encouragement.”


Lynn also shared that one of the factors that kept them going was the company culture. “Nu Skin inspires us to do things out of love – a love for helping others and a love for the environment. All this make every achievement, big or small, a meaningful one,” she says.


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.