Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“Be positive, don’t give up and most importantly,
believe in yourself. Everything is possible!”

Driven by a core desire to lead an different kind of life, Janice and Shawn were not afraid to break from tradition to embrace different business  models.. With this openness to explore, they welcomed Nu Skin into their lives and never looked back ever since. While their motivation to join Nu Skin may resonate with the many who chose this route to look and feel more youthful, attain time flexibility, the couple faced a unique set of issues that were quite unlike those that Nu Skin business builders commonly grapple with.


Introduced into Nu Skin by Janice’s ex-schoolmate, the home-based financial advisor had scant knowledge about direct selling and the industry. However, after finding out more about the products during a business opportunity session, Janice knew it was something she had been looking for. Similarly, Shawn who has been running a family business in construction and renovation over the last 10 years, has always had an entrepreneurial eye for good opportunities. “I’ve heard about direct selling and I’m all for this business model, but it is until Nu Skin crossed our path that I decided it is a worthwhile company to venture into network marketing with because of their innovative products,” Shawn shared. Being open to the business idea helped accelerate their learning process about the products and their growth to become leaders.


To really know what they are selling, both of them became users and also get their family members to try. The amazing results from all who used wowed them and gave them the confidence to help more people derive benefit. “It doesn’t matter how you start the business, but there’s always a way as long as you have a strong will to reach your goals,” Shawn reminded that the Nu Skin  is more about mindset than skillset.


The husband-and-wife team may have been attracted to the business initially to earn supplemental income but now, they cite sharing the innovative products, personal growth and the people they’ve helped as the true rewards. For helping them achieve their Executive Brand Director milestone, Janice and Shawn are very grateful to their parents who were extremely supportive even though they had a very difficult time in the beginning of the business. They are also indebted to all their mentors who guided them, turning from strangers to friends, and to all their customers,  business partners working alongside them over the years.


As they inch closer to fulfil their core desire, the leaders are eager to help as many people as possible achieve better health and appearance, as well as achieving their personal goals!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.