Sidsel & Mari

Sidsel Humberset & Mari Harberg


At first, I got to know Nu Skin through the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner and LifePak and for a long time, I was a loyal customer. I didn't understand the business opportunity at the time, but Kjersti and Nicolai stayed in touch and gave me a great follow up. They saw the potential that I didn’t see in myself. At the time, I ran a big fitness centre in Bergen and served as a member on several boards of directors, and I also taught and counselled entrepreneurs. The days were really busy and sometimes I wondered whether it would always be like this. After a few years as a Nu Skin customer, I attended one of Nicolai’s business presentations and I decided to go for the business opportunity.


My uplines and mentors Kjersti and Nicolai gave amazing support from the very beginning - and still do. Their advice was to be eager to learn, set goals and never give up!


One of my goals was to build something my children could inherit. Therefore, it came natural to introduce my daughter Mari to the business when she turned 18. Like mother, like daughter - it took some time before she realised how unique this opportunity is.  


Mari had started studying nursing, but about half way through, she began to doubt her education and the financial situation she would be in when finished. She realised that she would never be able to live the life she’d wanted or make her dreams and goals come true with a nurse’s income. It was around that time that she came to really understand what the Nu Skin business opportunity could do for her. She realised that with Nu Skin as a business partner, she could achieve her dreams and goals. So she decided to take another route and grab the opportunity that Nu Skin offered.


Our business has grown since then and we really support and complement each other. We are mother and daughter; a bond that can never be broken. We know about each other’s good and bad qualities and we also know that our business will get better and better. We work well together, so for us, this was the right choice.


We attended the Ruby Trip in March 2014, which was one of our important objectives. We will never forget those days! Everything was prepared for us and we were well taken care of in every possible way. The day at the company headquarter was very special - to meet Steve Lund, learn how the scientists work and hear about what the Nourish the Children initiative does for mothers suffering from AIDS in Malawi. To have such a business partner left us with unwavering pride.


Making it to the Ruby Trip marked the beginning of our journey to reach further targets. Our goals grow more ambitious as we ourselves develop. It is great to be given the opportunity to work together, two generations, with a unique company and a unique business opportunity. It gives us the possibility to follow our dreams and live the life we want, both together and separately.  


Goals are reached by working together with other people and to us, the possibility to team up with positive and kind people is very important. Our most important partners are within our team. Many share our goals and dreams; to make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others. In this business, you don't only get to know new people, you also learn a lot about yourself. Every day we learn something new. Our uplines are role models and as this is a business of duplication on more than one level, we also have an ambition to be role models for our downlines.


We are grateful for the great support we get from Nu Skin, Jostein Bodal and the competent team of Account Managers.


We are really looking forward to the journey ahead and to the future we are picturing with our fantastic business partner! Thank you for a unique business opportunity that makes our dreams come true.


Sidsel Humberset & Mari Harberg