TR90 weight management programme

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TR90 weight management programme



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The ageing process has an impact on the amount of fat mass in our bodies, which increases throughout the years. In fact, after the age of 20, our metabolic rate goes down by 2 to 3% per year and our muscle mass declines by 1% every 5 years between age 25 to 50 and by 1% every year thereafter.*


This knowledge has led Nu Skin scientists to develop the TR90 Programme, a breakthrough weight management programme that helps promote normal metabolism, improve mind-set while maintaining lean muscle mass.  Unlike other weight management programmes that only focus on superficial approaches, the TR90 Programme targets both the internal and external sources of weight management to help you achieve your goals.


TR90 programme products

Powered by Nu Skin’s exclusive science and based on a high protein diet, the TR90 Programme is designed to enable you to begin to transform your body composition and kick-start your lifestyle change in 90 days.  It includes four proprietary nutritional products and an eating plan, along with exercises and lifestyle suggestions to help you reach your goal.


The TR90 programme offers you an easy and convenient way to get you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. The comprehensive programme is made up of the following:






Is your mind ready to feel the transformation? Complex C will help strengthen your willpower while you are on your journey! Complex C contains cocoa, pomegranate and sour cherry



C.    TR90 M-BARS



An easy and delicious solution that removes the guesswork. Available in chocolate and lemon crisp, the bars are convenient, discreet and ready for use on-the-go.



Each bar brings you the replacement of one main meal


  • Holds the right level of proteins, in a convenient and easy way, which contributes to the growing and maintenance of muscle mass. 
  • Contains the right quantity of fats/carbohydrates to fuel your body. 
  • Provides B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E and minerals to build a shield for your body. 







TR90 kit also comes with a multilayer pill box and a measuring tape.






Rev up your body’s system! With the perfect blend of ingredients, get ready to feel a transformation. It contains ingredients such as citrus fruits, onion, grape fruit, cayenne pepper, red orange and green tea.



D.    TR90 JS  



Your 2-week boost to get you primed and ready for lasting success. By rebalancing your body, you can experience all the motivation that comes along with a better looking body shape. It contains ingredients such as prickly pear cactus, red orange, pomegranate and saffron, which will help you to maintain a positive mood.  



H.    TR90 Programme guide



This easy to follow guide will help you make the most of the TR90 Programme. The guide brings you all the recommended eating and exercise information you need to achieve your TR90 objective. By combining the right portions of each category of food with the right amount of exercise you will enable your body to feel a difference.



The TR90 Programme will unify your mind and body for a leaner,healthier, younger looking and feeling you. Are you ready to transform yourself and take control?



*; Vandervoort A.A., Aging of the human neuromuscular system. Muscle Nerve, 2002, 25(1):17-25 

Lexell J et al., What is the cause of the ageing atrophy? Total number, size and proportion of different fiber types studied in whole vastus lateralis muscle from 15- to 83-year-old men, Journal of Neurol. Sci. , 1988, 84(2-3):275-94 Frontera W et al., Muscle fiber size and function in elderly humans: a longitudinal study, Journal of Applied Physiol., 2008, 105(2):637-42



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