Gu Pinghua

Gu Pinghua


I run a Chinese bookkeeping office in Budapest, Hungary. I have been trying to provide the local Chinese enterprises with quality accountancy for 10 years now. Thanks to our trustworthiness and extensive experience in the field, more than 160 companies have chosen us to do their bookkeeping.

In December 2008, some friends of mine introduced me to Nu Skin® supplements. I experienced significant improvements within a short period of time. I used to take all sorts of supplements before, but none of them proved to be as efficient as Nu Skin®’s. That is why I decided to become a “golden customer”. Although it was quite a busy period for us at the bookkeeping office and I did not have the time to dig deeper into the philosophy of Nu Skin® and the business opportunity it offers, I showed the products to my friends. They were more than satisfied with the supplements as well so, in May 2009, I decided to pursue a carrier with Nu Skin®.

After getting to know the company’s history, its financial situation and human resources, along with the awards and positive feedbacks it gathered, I felt that this business is a great challenge, filled with unexploited opportunities. It is completely up to us to bring it even more forward!

That is why I used all my human resources – my customers that is. If all the enterprises that I book-keep have three directors, this means there are 480 customers. Most of them run their businesses in Budapest – they are passionate, strong and competitive. They are always looking out for new opportunities and this business opportunity came at the right moment – it was a new challenge for them.

My upline, Liu Minji, who lives in the US, helped me to better understand and use the products. My aim is to represent Nu Skin®’s products, reach new goals, start from scratch, copy the system and all of this under the flag of simplicity and joy. I would like to help all my downlines to learn, to develop a team spirit, to go according to the plans set by the system, to never stop learning, to get to know the products extensively, to advertise them more efficiently and to make Nu Skin®’s mission and products well known.

As a result of our hard work at Nu Skin®, we managed to welcome a lot of very successful people living here. Furthermore, we created an exceptional Chinese community, which is 100% capable of representing Nu Skin®’s mission and spirit. They have all tried and used the products and are the living proof of their efficiency. We know that the magic of direct selling lies in trying the products, therefore this is our way of attracting more and more people to join Nu Skin®. The miracle that a galvanic spa treatment brings in 10 minutes brought even more members to our team. That is why we could expand our business to other parts of Europe and to China as well. We are looking forward to the launch of the ageLOC® supplements, because we firmly believe that this product will be an incredible success. Moreover, it gives us even more momentum to continue building our business.

Since I joined Nu Skin® and saw what these products can offer, I have been encouraging all my friends to be a force for good, to love, to become better people. My aim is to spread Nu Skin®’s “Force for Good” mission. With my team, I enrol more and more people to donate for the cause. It is important to help children in need and that is why we are extremely happy with VitaMeal. Getting to know Nu Skin® made me even more determined to remind myself every second that I must be a useful and good member of society.

During my first year with Nu Skin®, thanks to the company, I got to know the world’s best quality skin care and supplement products. I made new friends and acquired an extensive knowledge I would not have been able to attain without Nu Skin®. The company made me realise that the key to success is “faith, goal-orientation and perseverance” – these three, together. This is an overall business opportunity that brings you health, beauty, self-confidence and success. I hope many people will seize this opportunity! The key is believing in success!

I would like to tell you that even though I became a Blue Diamond, this is not a final stop for me – this is a new beginning as I have a lot more to learn! I would like to thank my downlines and my upline for the help and support they have given me, especially my teacher, Liu Minji, for the selfless help! I would also like to thank all those who supported me along the way! I will strive to reach even higher with my team!

Gu Pinghua

Budapest, 16 August, 2010