Laurence Brem

Laurence Brem


A year and a half year ago I discovered Nu Skin®, its products and above all its opportunity. At the time, I was managing the orders for a big international company. A lot of people thought I had the ideal job: flexible timetable, daily tasks without hierarchical pressure, a decent salary and last but not least an office close to my home. But I had no outlook on career advancement and I had little recognition. Therefore, only two months after having discovered Nu Skin®, I decided to quit my job. I just knew I had finally found a way to achieve other goals that better suited my skills and motivation. 

I soon became a Ruby Executive. 2009 was supposed to have been a famous year and that of the consolidation of my business network. However, I could not have predicted that I would be worrying so much about my nine year old daughter. I was devastated when I was told that she suffered from a brain tumour. In the end, 2009 soon became the ‘hospital’ year for me. Her illness progressed rapidly and she started having epileptic fits - at first about one per month but this quickly increased to up to six per day. However, that motivated me more than ever to build my business in order to assure the future of my children. That same year, I became a Diamond in October, the very month my daughter had to undergo surgery. 

Today, everything is back to normal and my family is slowly getting over the hardship. Do you want to know what my goal is? It is not a title; it is to help the people in my organisation reach their own fulfilment, thanks to Nu Skin® and network marketing!