Nandor Balogh

Nandor Balogh


I am 29 years old. I started my Nu Skin® business five years ago, after I graduated from college and was seeking my own place in the world, but let me start at the beginning.

I live close to the Hungarian border in Oradea, Romania. The things that I was good at were not exactly things to be proud of such as: soccer, parties and an internet game. Sad or not, these things all had one fact in common: that I was good at them. I was very focused. Why? Because for me, if I start something it is not important just to win, it is the only thing that matters!

Before joining Nu Skin®, I had the chance to work in numerous different fields. From the age of 16, my summers were filled with hard work. I did different levels of physical work such as: fruit picking, valet, construction worker and I worked as a coroner for a life insurance company. This was how my summers were like until I turned 24 - and then came Nu Skin®.

It was a phone call from a geography teacher in Magyaregregy, Hungary who was also my brother, Balogh Otto, which changed my life completely. Over the phone he enthusiastically told me about a great thing that he found for me, but I had to go to Budapest, Hungary if I wanted to go through with it. That is where I got my first vision of Nu Skin®. At that time, I had not yet fallen in love with the business, but logical thinking told me that this was the most serious thing I ever saw. I decided I was going to do it.  

So began the pre-marketing time. It required a lot of sacrifices but all of that made me the leader I am today. About this time, four years ago, I met Costa Bernadett - my partner in life and in business. She is Romania's most informed Nu Skin® cosmetics professional.

People think that to be successful in this business you need only a few things. They may be right. You need to be ambitious, ethical and teachable. All the other things you can leave aside. For example, you do not need great language skills - I did not build the business in my native language. I was not influential, I was not old enough, I did not have any money (in fact, I owed US$5,000) nor did I have multi-level marketing knowledge or any other kind of business experience nor any pharmaceutical or cosmetics background, or even a good name list, an open market advantage or a car… I did not even have a driving license.

I believe this seems to be a great CV. The truth is that I did have one important thing: I had a dream that I was born for a better life - because I had enough of the negative average that was my example.

Looking at my age, most people think I am way too young. However, you have to keep in mind that this is also a profession and you can see how good a person is at what he does by looking at how much money he makes out of it. Taking that as criteria, I am damn good at what I am doing!

Thanks to this opportunity, I have been able to see some of the world: from Rome to Las Vegas, from the Grand Canyon to Indonesia, from Bali to Los Angeles, etc. Thanks to Nu Skin®, I drive a Lexus Hybrid and have a lifestyle that only a good, stable Diamond business can give you.

So, it does not matter where you come from, how old you are, the number of diplomas you have or how much experience you have. What matters is that you have the courage to take your old dreams out of the closet, cross your boundaries and win every day in the fight against yourself.

We would like to thank everyone who is part of our success, especially our upline leaders whose example and love showed us the light even when we did not see it ourselves. They are heroes to us: Balogh Otto, Vaczy Karoly, Kenton Worthington and Nathan Ricks. We would like to thank our downline for believing in us and we know that most of them are going to be the region’s greatest leaders. Thank you Nu Skin® and all the management team in Budapest for all your help. Thanks to One Team Global (OTG) System Seven, the best business school that proved to be also the perfect soil to grow in. Thanks to our cross lines for learning from each other. Thanks to our family and friends, whether they believed in us or not, because in one way or another they were motivating us.

Let me finish with a Muhammad Ali quote: “I hated every second of my training but I said to myself don't stop, fight now, sweat now so you can live like a champion for the rest of your life.”

The moment you start doing this business with continuity, the results will come and you will start to enjoy it, you even might fall in love with it. One thing is for sure: you are going to realise that if you go by the system, this is the best way to become a free man in only two to five years time!

We wish you all the success that Nu Skin® offers to you... Be the one who writes history!

With friendship,
Nandi & Detty