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Seacology Organisation

Seacology Organisation

Seacology is the world's premier non-profit environmental organisation with the sole purpose of preserving the highly endangered biodiversity of islands throughout the world.

Indigenous people are all too often faced with the dilemma of choosing between protecting their precious natural resources and economic development. Seacology searches for win-win situations where both the local environment is protected and islanders receive some tangible benefits for doing so. Preservation of island culture, coral reefs and nature is supported through the construction of schools, hospitals, kindergartens, public bathrooms, etc.

For example, in Falealupo, Samoa, Seacology has built a critically needed school in exchange for the establishment of a 30,000 acre forest. In Vuna Village, Fiji, Seacology is setting up a kindergarten in exchange for the establishment of a 4,752-acre forest preserve and two marine protected areas totalling 3,010 acres.

171 projects in 41 markets worldwide have so far been realised by Seacology in this way.

Seacology’s chairman, Dr. Paul Alan Cox* supports Nu Skin Enterprises by developing the Epoch® line.

*Dr. Paul Alan Cox is a botanist whose scientific research focuses on the ecology of island plants and the ethnobotany of island peoples.