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Nu Skin Force for Good Day

Force for Good Month

At Nu Skin, we all subscribe to a mission to be a force for good in our own communities and throughout the world. This year, Nu Skin is impacting tens of thousands of lives for the better by enlisting the help of employees and volunteers around the globe to support projects in their local communities.


Throughout the month of June, employees across the EMEA region participated in our annual Force for Good Day by devoting their time and resources. Take a look at some of the projects:





In May, Nu Skin Russia employees spent the day at the Khotkovo boarding school. This school caters to children aged 16 and 17 years who suffer from articulation and speech disorders. The team helped with a variety of activities, such as cleaning the area surrounding the school, gardening, organising lunch and playing with the children.


Northern Europe


On 13 June, Nu Skin Northern Europe  hosted an event at our Showroom in Copenhagen where Brand Affiliates, family and friends were welcome. We also raised awareness about the project at our offices in London and Oslo by informing Brand Affiliates and allowing them to make donations. The goal was to collect 30,000 DKK to buy 30 beds for St. Nicolae Orphanage in Bucharest, Romania. Money was collected through various exciting activities during our Force for Good Day in Copenhagen and during awareness weeks in Oslo and London.




Nu Skin Belgium employees raised over €6,000 that will be donated to a local charity call Moeders voor Moeders (Mothers for Mothers). This organisation supports mothers with young children who have financial problems by distributing food, children’s clothing, nursing and school equipment, beds, etc. This amount was raised through a charity lunch, raffle, talent workshops, miles for smiles run where donation was collected for each mile ran, and by selling home cooked food to colleagues.


South Africa


On 19 June, the employees from Nu Skin South Africa volunteered at Kids Haven. Opened in 1992, it serves the homeless children and children in crisis in the Ekurhuleni region, South Africa. The employees spent the day with the children enjoying fun activities and supplying them with delicious pizza for lunch. They also made a generous donation to the organisation, covering a big part of their needs list. Nu Skin South Africa hopes to make a difference in the lives of each of the children cared for by Kids Haven by visiting them frequently and offering continuous support throughout the whole year.

eastern europe



The employees from the Nu Skin Eastern Europe office lent a helping hand to Budapest Honvéd Sport Club. This club does an outstanding job not only in training the champions of the future, but also in educating children on a healthy lifestyle and making them accustomed to sports, regardless of whether they are nursery school, elementary school, high school or even handicapped children. And since even the best team needs a good captain, they were given a hand by 7-time European Champion and 6-time World Champion Ákos Kállai (director of Honvéd’s modern pentathlon section, head coach of the youth national team).



How will you be a Force for Good this month?

Visit our Facebook page and let us know how you will be a Force for Good.  It could be as simple as supporting a charity in your community.  Alternately, you can make a VitaMeal donation  or buy products from our Epoch range. When you purchase an Epoch product, US$0.25 is donated to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation to finance projects around the world, giving smiles to hundreds of children every day.