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Nutricentials - Bioadaptive skincare for all skin types


A balance of science and nature. The old world and the new. Bioadaptive skincare that protects. Preserves. And empowers you to be who you really are. This is Nutricentials.

Drawing on the power of bioadaptive ingredients, also known as adaptogens, Nutricentials helps your skin adapt to its ever-changing environment so it can bounce back and demonstrate resiliency to environmental stressors.


19 skincare essentials for a complete morning and evening routine. Intelligently designed to suit all skin types.





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When your environment changes, so should your skincare. Our Nutricentials products can be used in every situation, but some of them REALLY shine on certain days.





Fine-tuning your skin care with Pumps is as easy as counting to three! These targeted serum solutions are designed to personalise your regimen. Use one or all three Pumps to target specific skin care concerns, according to your skin’s needs.



Pillow Glow
Sleeping Mask

Your overnight secret to skin that wakes up looking radiant, refreshed, healthier and hydrated. This moisture-recharging gel-cream face mask delivers a rush of immediate and long-lasting overnight hydration. Plus, it supports your skin’s natural moisture barrier through the night.



Eye Love Bright Eyes
Illuminating Eye Cream

The ultimate pick-me-up for improving the look of tired eye area. This lightweight, creamy formula helps enhance skin radiance and reduces the appearance of dull, uneven, and stressed skin caused by daily stressors, including blue light exposure.



Complexion Protection
Mineral Sunscreen

This SPF 50 mineral sunscreen – with a lightly tinted coverage – helps protect the skin against, and increase its resiliency to everyday stressors. Carnosine adds further protection helping mitigate the visible effects (dullness, discolouration) of excessive exposure to blue light on your skin.





Whatever the weather, make every day a great skin day.


Bioadaptive Botanical Complex

Suitable For All Skin Types

Powered by Nature, Proven by Science







The Power of Nature

Nature is full of surprises. Harsh climates, extreme cold, and barren soil still give life to plants that thrive against all odds. So, we asked, what if they could offer MORE than inspiration? What if they could help your skin do the same?


Our bioadaptive botanical complex does just that. We’ve taken five extracts from plants that thrive in these conditions and transformed them into something that can help your skin adapt to its own changing environment. That’s why our leave-on products will have your skin looking beautiful, balanced, and glowing, whatever comes your way.






Expertly-Chosen Bioadaptive Botanicals

Widely known as adaptogens, our bioadaptive ingredient extracts all come from a legacy of resillience. And yet, they’re unique in their own way.


Resurrection Plant
The resurrection plant thrives in dry desert environments. It can survive through long periods of drought to bloom again at the first touch of moisture.

Arctic Root
This root is extremely efficient at pulling nutrients from the soil and stores them for when it needs them most.

Chaga Mushroom
The Chaga mushroom grows and thrives in temperatures as low as -20˚ C. Brrr.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian ginseng is widely tolerant of different types of soil and acidity. It grows where it pleases!

Maral Root
Maral root contains a rich source of phytoecdysteroids, helping it remain resilient.




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The best part about Nutricentials? No matter what your skin type is, you get to build a routine you love!




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I have a normal to combo skin so I didn’t know what to expect from Pillow Glow but wow! My skin is glowing more than ever, feels so hydrated & it looks just overall healthy. I also noticed when my skin looks a bit dull & tired it just brightens it up again. It doesn’t leave your skin oily the next morning.

Suzanne Botha
South Africa

Nutricentials is my favourite just because it fits the needs of a 21st century skincare regimen. My favourite products are the Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner, the Brigther Day Exfoliant Scrub and the Spa Day Creamy Hydrating Masque. they really help my skin whenever it feels stressed and tired.

Csaba László




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You might find the answers among our Frequently Asked Questions.



Q: What makes Nutricentials bioadaptive skincare so unique?


A: Nutricentials is the first skincare range to combine our unique science with bioadaptive botanicals. Because the system helps your skin adapt to its unique environment, skin types can become a thing of the past. It truly is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, whether you’re 25 or 75, living in the centre of a busy city or out in the wild!


Q: Is Nutricentials all-natural, or even vegan?


A: Nutricentials is not an all-natural product, but that’s not a bad thing! We combine nature with science to get the most from these ingredients and help them work with our skin. It cannot be considered vegan as one of the products, Celltrex Always Right, contains ‘Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax’.


Q: Is Nutricentials sustainable?


A: Sustainability is one of our key goals at Nu Skin. Our target is to have 100% sustainable packaging by 2030. That pledge is evident with Nutricentials. All bottles in our new-look Nutricentials are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. Likewise, most tubes contain 34-35% PCR plastic, apart from Eye Love Bright Eyes which contains 40% and Complexion Protection which contains 61%. All these values exclude the cap. The carton used in our packaging is FSC certified (FSC™ C107989).




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