Hanno Korf & Adele Deacon

Hanno Korf & Adele Deacon


Hanno Korf:

Before Nu Skin, I built a career in the corporate world. I occupied a very senior position in one of the “Big 4” global audit firms. I had the title, the image, the fancy cars and expensive suits and family and friends spoke highly of my achievements. But I was not even close to achieving any of the big dreams I had. I couldn’t give my family a fraction of what I had dreamt for them. This was not the life I had imagined when I started out.

So I started reading books on the topic of financial freedom. But I only saw the “financial” part, “freedom” to me was just an extra word that meant a lot more of the “financial”. Instead of taking the right actions, I kept changing jobs, hoping the increase in salary would help to create passive income. Instead, it became one of those dreams where you are running to get away, but you stay running on the same spot.

I was introduced to Nu Skin by a friend – also my ex-wife and the mother of my two beautiful daughters. In her mind she ‘knew’ that I would not be interested.

I was not looking to join some ‘pyramid scheme thingy’. Frankly this was beneath me and the published average incomes were just ridiculous. There was no way that these ‘plebs’ could earn that kind of money. But it was a public company trading on the New York Stock Exchange. I put my experience at an audit firm to use and did a thorough due diligence exercise. The facts and the evidence were there – but I still couldn’t believe it. I then thought if I get going, that is when I will find out where the ‘catch’ is.

We were not quick out of the starting blocks, we didn’t break any records, nor did we have immediate success. On hindsight, I was a smartass and highly un-coachable.  I was going to do things MY way and not follow this stupid system...  That just let to a two- year period of re-inventing the wheel and heaps of frustration!

Three months into the business, I met Adele. Adele was immediately impressed by my ambition and my drive to be a success and she could see that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.


Adele Deacon:

When I met Hanno, I couldn’t believe that he was wasting his time with something like network marketing. I was a single mom who just moved to the city from a small town. Though I desperately needed to improve my financial situation, I didn't think Nu Skin was for me. I mistakenly thought I needed to be a sales person to do this business – which I was not – and I was very negative towards multilevel marketing from previous experiences.


It was only when I was retrenched from my bookkeeping job a year later that I reconsidered Nu Skin's business opportunity.  In the beginning I didn't comprehend the unlimited passive income potential that Nu Skin offered. So I gathered all my courage and started speaking to people about the products and business opportunity. Soon I realised that this was not difficult at all. I just needed to believe that I, like anyone else, can build a successful business.


After a painful two years of re-inventing the wheel, got to Ruby and dropped back to Gold, we have seen enough to know that Nu Skin was the answer to everything we strove for. But we needed to commit, we needed to learn from successful people and copy them, we needed to learn and follow the system. That is when this became easier each month. That is when we realised that anyone can do this.


Three years later and here we are. Blue Diamond status did not just fall into our laps; it took serious effort and focus. At first we worked on our success, but when we started working on other people’s success, that is when the game changed. We didn’t get here because we are great, but rather because we focussed on making these amazing people in our team great.


The question is not how hard we worked and what amount of effort we had to put in. The question is:  “Was it worth it?” There are no words for it. Our lives have changed for the better in ways that one cannot describe. Besides having an income greater than what we could have imagined, we have more time. More time to do things we have always wanted to do, more time for our kids, more time for ourselves, no boss, no employees, no traffic, no early morning panic rush. Just life – and it is awesome!


It is only now that we realise what financial freedom means. Now we only see the “freedom” part, “financial” is just an extra word that means a lot more freedom.


We challenge people every day:


“Why do you work so hard? Why do you go to work every day?

Are you slaving away each day because you are working on your future, your dreams?

Or are you slaving away each day just to pay the bills?

Understand the difference, and then know that it is a choice.”


A special thanks and gratitude to our mentors: George and Elaine Calligeros. Thank you for everything you did to help and inspire us on our road to success.


And an even more special thanks and gratitude to all the amazing people in our team. This is just the beginning for us. We won’t stop until all of you are sharing this wonderful lifestyle with us.