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LifePak®+ and Marine Omega ADR Package

€ 105.66
  • PSV 71.00
  • Out of Stock
  • Out of Stock

LifePak®+ is designed to support and protect your body cells with a range of essential micronutrients, while Marine Omega is a source of ultra-pure omega 3 fish oil.

  • 97137208
  • N/A
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      Inner Foundation ADR Package

      € 199.96
      • PSV 150.00
      • Out of Stock
      • Out of Stock

      LifePak®+ and Marine Omega form a harmonised supplementation programme and help ensure you receive a well-balanced nutritional foundation.With the addition of R², you will be ready to take full advantage of every day; feeling refreshed and recharged.

      • 97138210
      • 1 Marine Omega, 1 LifePak®+, 1 R²
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          Essential Nutritionals ADR package

          € 166.75
          • PSV 130.00
          • Out of Stock
          • Out of Stock

          • 97138384
          • 1 Marine Omega, 1 LifePak+, 2x750ml bottle JVi
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