Aram Palacio Cobano

Aram Palacio Cobano


My name is Aram Palacio Cobano.


I studied Translation and Interpretation, and right before finishing my studies, I was lucky enough to be commissioned to translate a couple of books professionally... and then I realised that I was very bored, and decided to take a step into the business world.


I was too young, too inexperienced and too ambitious, and I failed in my first big business, dragging down with me the friends and investors who had trusted me.


At 26, I was bankrupt, my good reputation was shattered and I had the feeling that my life was over. I wasn't ready to accept failure at that moment, when I was supposed to be reaching success with that business.


There was something wrong with me, too much ambition and the need for success had pushed me to risk too much and make bad decisions, which had led me to the edge.


I decided to stop my life completely and try to discover in which turn I had lost my way. While I was doing research about the human mind and emotions, I found the basis on which all the positive changes of my life have stood, the Gestalt therapy.


I have been educating myself for almost 10 years on different theories of personal development: Gestalt, humanist couching, neuro linguistic programming, leadership programmes, enneagram...


Four years ago, I started working professionally as a coach, giving workshops about personal development and encouraging people to be free, happy and emotionally and spiritually balanced.


In October 2013, my friend Emma (my current upline), who I knew very well because I had accompanied her for a few years as coach and therapist, introduced me to the business.


After a chat with her partner Vanessa and a demo, I committed to study the subject and research it thoroughly on the Internet.

After a whole month of research looking for signs of fraud or a loophole, and after doing a demo on my mother (spectacular results!), I decided to start the business. This awakened my entrepreneurial self, which had been asleep for more than a decade.


In the month of November, two events happened: Jerónimo Gazquez and Paz Sanromán came to my city and they explained to me how the business works. Lars Kroll came a few days later, and I saw him at my first business opportunity meeting. At that moment, I realised this is my business, I could do presentations like Lars, and I also had Paz and Jero, who were absolutely awesome, to teach me the business.


I started my qualification in December and by January I became Executive, everything rolled really fast, with so many years of experience as a professional of personal development, my network grows constantly. They trust me and they know that together, working as a team, we can reach anything we want, the sky is the limit!


In June 2014, seven months after I started, I became Emerald.


I want to become Blue Diamond before winter of 2015 and then, Team Elite. Personal freedom is the most important thing for me, and helping others achieve it gives me the limitless energy I feel now since I started. My dream is to create a non-profit foundation where collectives and individuals with money limitations can enjoy personal growth programmes to create a free and healthy society.


To those of you who are starting now, get passionate about your Executives, fight every day for their growth and the stability of their businesses, get involved in their dreams as if they were your own dreams, ... and at some point, when you stop to think about it, your dreams will have become true.