Nannette Höllriegel

Nannette Höllriegel


“My Name is Nannette Hollriegl and I am the owner of the “Schoenheitsstube an der Burg” (that’s the name of my business, which means something like ‘place of beauty at the castle’) in Nuremberg. I got introduced to the Nu Skin® business during a short presentation at my house and I thought this would be a nice addition to my product line.


Initially, I did not want to hear anything about network marketing and building a business, because I had had some negative experiences with multi-level marketing in the past. But then, after only three months, I was already an Executive, without really knowing exactly how the business or the structure of the sales compensation plan worked.


My sponsor was there for me all the time, being an important and focused advisor, but without ever putting pressure on me. As a result, I felt confident from the very beginning, which allowed me to properly build up a second/backup business next to my regular business activities.


Today, after about two years of Nu Skin® experience and the success that’s come with it, I would like to thank Nu Skin® for the professional support in every aspect. Special thanks go to my Sponsor Kathrin Proepster; if it weren’t for her, I would not be able to say (and proudly, so): “Hurray, I am a Ruby.” Nu Skin® has really had a significant impact on my life.”


Nannette Höllriegl