Dan & Liana Barnos

Dan & Liana Barnos


I was introduced to Nu Skin in December 2008, while realising that many aspects of my future were not coinciding with my wishes, my dreams, and my identity.

I am a doctor and this life commitment is in my heart. I was divided between two jobs, a doctor who just entered the specialised training phase, and a collaborator of a pharmaceutical multinational company, so my time with my kids and family was getting less and less.

I attended a meeting, during which I liked Balogh Otto’s attitude. Although he convinced me, I started to look for answers to many questions I had, and while finding them I was more and more convinced and in January 2009 I joined Nu Skin. Dan was still skeptical due to his legal background but he was very supported and trusted me that this business opportunity was something unique.

Things started to move forward and upward, the excitement was growing, same with the results: Executive, Gold, Ruby within 5 months. Dan started to get involved more and more, and this was beneficial to us because he was fully dedicated to the business.

I believe that we attracted or better said we asked the Universe for this opportunity in our lives, even though at the very beginning we had different perspectives. We felt that on the road to success we were at “home”, that this was a lifetime opportunity, a sure plan that brings freedom, independence, evolution and prosperity, the fulfillment of our dreams and of our children, Alexia and Marc.

It became a lifestyle for us, a mission to share with people; this amazingly unique Nu Skin culture and opportunity.

We are fully dedicated, we reached a dream, the Diamond title, many other big goals and dreams will follow. We believe that when you have a big dream, you decide and act, you will start to change the world, to become a force of change and nothing will be impossible.

We believe in people, in their beauty and in the potential of human beings  and with Nu Skin, all your dreams can be achieved  if you decide that you want more out of life!

We are grateful every day that Nu Skin exists in our lives and in the life of our children.

We give thanks to the founders of the Company, to the Budapest Office, to OTG/S7S training system and last but not least to our upline.


Liana & Dan Barnoş