Frands Sharpe

Frands Sharpe


Before joining Nu Skin, I was a Sales and Marketing Director at Admiral IT.  Prior to this, I ran my own companies both with and without partners, and saw the challenges first-hand in running privately owned businesses.


From the very beginning, I was positive about Nu Skin. I saw how the company’s business model solved a good number of elements I had seen in my former career. Furthermore, I knew friends and relatives who were already familiar with Nu Skin and its products. This naturally helped to build a good level of trust.


My dream was always to build a business grounded in “good” not only for me, but also one that gave me the opportunity to take care of those in need.


My greatest motivation was to gain freedom, and be able to work with proactive and motivated people. With network marketing, you can be a true leader by heart. No one can destroy your business. You can focus on the target.


Nu Skin has literally transformed my dream to a reality. I have seen how people grow new lives and gained happiness through this business model.


To help me grow and build my business, I made a firm agreement with my upline. I made them agree to a daily call – and they had to call me in the event that I didn’t call them. I call this my technique to keep the business in sight.

Quitting has never even been considered. Having been involved earlier in businesses, the challenges and setbacks that I met, however frustrating they were, I knew that hard work pays off.


You see, to overcome challenges, you need two things – the ability to “stop, evaluate and adjust” your approach from time to time. And secondly, a strong team – and in the very beginning that team is your upline.


As a leader, we have to respect that you can’t “force” anyone to think straight when their world is challenged. The brain will always make people go towards “safe zone” when they see a threat to their life. And as a leader, you have to be able to “distance” yourself from the result. This means that it’s not your fault if a person chooses to go in a different direction. As a leader, you have to cover both the professional part of this business as well as being supportive to your team.


I focus on doing the same few simple things I have been doing since day one. Be a product of the product. Contact my upline. Contact my downlines. Sponsor new people every day.


Leading by example is very important. To be successful in the business, follow these tips every day:


  • Keep your Nu Skin business in sight constantly
  • Keep your feet on the ground
  • Appreciate your team, welcome new people warmly
  • Be supportive and available to your team
  • The human brain is a funny thing. When your goals are in the system in writing, you will experience that even subconsciously; your brain will work towards them. And if you are constantly reminded where your target is, the stronger mentally prepared you will be to overcome obstacles.