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Ordering and purchasing


Which type of payments are available?


Nu Skin accept VISA & MC as payment methods. We recommend that you check all the available payment types before placing your order during checkout.


What can I do if my card is declined?


If your credit card is not working:


  • Verify that you have sufficient funds on your card.
  • Contact your bank to ensure you do not have an international block or internet block automatically placed on your credit card.
  • It is possible that you have entered your credit card number incorrectly, please check the numbers and ensure that you are entering the details in correctly.
  • If you experience password issues with Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode services, you will need to contact your credit card provider as Nu Skin does not have access to the secured information you have set up with either company.
  • If you are still unable to process your order, please contact your local Customer Service with your ID number


How do I cancel/change my order?


If you find that you need to cancel your order, you may only do so by calling your local Customer Service within 10 minutes of placing the order in this case there is a chance to stop/modify the order. Emailing a request is never recommended. After that time you need to go through the normal return process according to our Return, Refund and exchange Policy and Policies and Procedures.


Where can I see my order history?


  • Log into your Nu Skin account on
  • Click on your name (on the top right of the webpage)
  • Then click on Profile

How will I receive my invoice?


Nu Skin EMEA no longer offers paper invoices with shipped orders to help conserve the environment. Your invoice will be emailed in PDF format. In case the paper version of the Invoice is required please reach out to Customer Service in your country.

What does SV mean?


SV or Sales Volume is the monthly point value of the products and services you purchase from Nu Skin. SV is a base for Product Points calculation in ADR/Subscription orders.


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